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Hey, y’all! I’m Mary Meier-Evans, a Native Texan, part time New Yorker, Travel Addict, Antiques and Vintage Collector and Dealer, and crazed needle-pointer who lets my curiosity chart my path.

I’m also a wife and mom with an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University, with particular focus on English, Education and Art History, and a Masters degree from The University of Texas at Dallas in Humanities, I love all things Art, Music, History and Literature!

My favorite travel-partner-in-crime is my darling husband Will, whose voracious affinity for collecting everything from American Folk Art to Military artifacts, photography to turn-of-the-century Flash Art, has led us to to explore many deeply interesting places around the world.

As a Travel Writer and Podcast Host, I love to share my travel experiences and tips with my audiences. You will find me mapping out a plan for the next adventure.

For me, Travel and Antiquing go hand-in-hand, and we are always gathering treasures along the way.  Some we keep, and others find their way to our Antique Booth at Benny Jack Antiques on Riverfront Blvd. in Dallas, our booth at Forestwood Antique Mall in Dallas, or right here on my website….in my Living With Vintage Shop.

I’ve enjoyed helping many clients in the Antiques & Needlepoint Industries learn to better utilize Social Media to market their businesses.

And I love to help clients find the best avenues to sell their Antiques & Vintage, whether they are downsizing, selling an Estate, or simply selling one or two pieces of their own.

My needlepointing hobby has now become part of my business.  I source and sell vintage textiles for needlepoint finishing, and am dipping my toe into the waters of canvas design as well.

I’m a modern-day Cowgirl, inviting you to spend some time with me, exploring together.

Do you have something you would like for me to consider in my editorial content? Be sure to contact me here. An antique piece you’d like to sell?  Need a lesson on Social Media Marketing, or maybe you are a needlepoint shop owner needing to get in touch with me?

Simply email me at marythecuriosucowgirl@gmail.com


Mary, The Curious Cowgirl

The Curious Cowgirl

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Mary Meier-Evans
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