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Through my curated travel guides, my favorite cities will come alive, so you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime!


Spending countless hours researching, coming web sites, reading guide books, asking friends…it can all feel so overwhelming when you are trying to plan the perfect vacation.

  • You want to maximize your time…
  • You want to spend your money wisely…
  • And you want to enjoy yourself once there!


The Curious Cowgirl Travel Guides are deeply researched, well-organized, and thoughtfully curated.

Over 12 years ago, I embarked on a travel journey, changing my life forever. An experience that brought me clarity, joy, freedom, and a deeply planted love for travel.

Today, as an Empty Nester who enjoys luxury travel, with practicality in mind, I travel relentlessly, and fall even more deeply in love with these cities with each visit.

And friends…I want to take you with me, every step of the way!

Each and every recommendation has been personally researched and vetted by me, with YOU in mind!

Click on the image below to learn more about what each guide offers!

*Please be advised that closures, changes, cancellations etc. due to Pandemic-related issues are not reflected in any Guide.  Please check all local official web sties for the most up-to-date information.

Rome Travel Guides

Travel Guides: Rome

The Curious Cowgirl’s Guides to Rome’s spectacular sites, culture, restaurants and lodging.
Paris Travel Guides

Travel Guides: Paris

The Curious Cowgirl’s Guides to Paris—food, fashion and unusual destinations in the City of Lights.
New York City Travel Guides

Travel Guides: NYC

The Curious Cowgirl’s Guides to the Big Apple—From the Brooklyn Bridge to Lady Liberty.
London Travel Guides

Travel Guides: Texas

The Curious Cowgirl’s Guides to all that’s great in the Lone Star State.
London Travel Guides

Travel Guides: London

COMING SOON: The Curious Cowgirl’s Guides to the British Crown Jewel — From Big Ben to the West End