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Through these guides, my favorite cities will come alive…and for a moment…you will experience the sublime and beautiful experience that is a visit to Rome, Paris, London and NYC.

Over 12 years ago, I embarked on a travel journey, changing my life forever. An experience that brought me clarity, joy, freedom, and a deeply planted love for travel. Since then, I have traveled relentlessly, and fall even more deeply in love with these cities with each visit.

And friends…I want to take you with me, every step of the way!

Each and every recommendation has been personally researched by me, with YOU in mind!

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Rome Travel Guides

Travel Guides: Rome

The Curious Cowgirl’s Guides to Rome’s spectacular sites, culture, restaurants and lodging.

Paris Travel Guides

Travel Guides: Paris

The Curious Cowgirl’s Guides to Paris—food, fashion and unusual destinations in the City of Lights.

London Travel Guides

Travel Guides: London

COMING SOON: The Curious Cowgirl’s Guides to the British Crown Jewel — From Big Ben to the West End

New York City Travel Guides

Travel Guides: NYC

The Curious Cowgirl’s Guides to the Big Apple—From the Brooklyn Bridge to Lady Liberty.