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Rome:  Fact vs. Fiction

Rome: Fact vs. Fiction

Hey y’all!  I can’t express how much I appreciate your emails, your comments on my Blog posts, your questions on Facebook and Instagram.  My greatest desire is to be a reliable resource for you as you contemplate and plan travel.  Today, I’m exploring some of the questions I have received over the past few months about visiting Rome. 

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Fun Things to Do in Rome:  A Review

Italy Q&A….6 Common Travel Planing Questions

Hey y’all!  I can’t believe how many readers have reached out for help with their travel plans to Italy this Fall!  I’m so humbled by your trust in me, and I LOVE helping you put together the perfectly planned itinerary!  I’ve had a LOT of questions, and today I’m doing an Italy Q&A with the most frequently asked questions.  Plus…..I have a GIFT for my subscribers…so be sure and read ‘till the end!!!

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