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Early January is all about getting a grip, getting organized, and making a plan we will all do our best to follow.  In this post, I shared with you some of my personal Resolutions, and I put that list out there for y’all, so you can help hold me accountable!  And, in addition to accountability, sometimes, all we need are the perfect products to help us get off high center, and get going!

During the holidays, I shared with y’all a few gift suggestions for travelers.  On my last trip to Paris, I realized that it was time to replace or upgrade some of the travel items I have owned for a long time.  I’m upgrading my carry-on suitcase to a spinner suitcase that is light-weight, and also a cute color.  Cute is important!  Ha!  I’m also replacing my old Bose headphones with a new pair.  My old pair is literally being held together with duct tape.  Buh bye!

And, a new set of TSA approved travel size bottles is never a bad idea.  Somehow I always seem to loose one or two every trip.  And, I’m getting a couple of extra long charging cords for my phone….so my husband won’t always steal mine.  Ahem….Will.  Stop that!

One thing I bet we can all agree on….we all need to be drinking more water!  There’s two smart ways to help accomplish this goal.  One way is to get a water bottle that visually helps you see how much you need to drink throughout the day.  Brilliant.  If you already have a bottle you love, then get a sticker!  Either way, none of us should be dehydrated in 2019.

While hydrating, I might choose to multi-task by lounging.  And, as a fully grown adult, I choose to lounge in super comfy cashmere lounge pants. Adios grey sweat pants from the 1990’s. That’s called Adulting, y’all.

Most of us like to add in some kind of organizing task in the new year.  At some point in December, I realized that my pile of recipes torn out of magazines has reached an epic level of ridiculousness.  And I found the CUTEST recipe organizer on Etsy, which can also be personalized!

Mindfulness is another great Resolution!  I love the idea of keeping a journal as a component of mindfulness, and again, Etsy has some great choices!  And, if you really want to take your organizational plans to the next level, consider a journaling calendar.

My final product suggestion is a business card organizer.  I collect a ton of business cards when I travel, as I want to be able to refer back to restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.  I love the leather-bound business card organizer I found on Etsy!

Whew!  OK….so I’m placing orders, and getting my 2019 ducks in a row with these great Products!  I hope my suggestions help you have a great 2019!!!


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