Hey y’all!  Well, today is certainly not my favorite topic to discuss.  We like to keep it light, positive and happy here at The Curious Cowgirl.  But, The Coronavirus is dominating the conversation on almost every front.  And the Travel Industry is certain to take a hit.  So, let me share a few thoughts with you today.


The Coronavirus and Travel


Last week, I was the keynote speaker at a gathering of lovely ladies in Dallas.  My topic was fun tours to take while visiting New York City.  I spoke for about 30 minutes, and following my speech, there were several great questions about visiting New York.

Following the program, as I was gathering my laptop and packing up to leave, a precious lady stopped me and asked if I thought it would be safe for her to travel to New York City in the coming weeks.  Well, needless to say, your humble Travel Blogger and Podcast Host does not have one bit more information about The Coronavirus and Travel than you do.  I’m watching the same news programs.  I’m following the same trending topics on Twitter.  I’m wondering the same thing, y’all.

So, I have no answers.

But, I do have an alternative answer that begins with an analogy.

How many of you like to flip through cookbooks?  Raise of hands.  Yep.  Me too.  How many of you like to look at magazines like Bon Appetite, or Southern Living?  I’m raising my hand, too.  How many of you enjoy watching cooking shows on TV?  The answer is, a lot of us do.

Now, how many of us are participating in all those activities with the primary objective of getting in the kitchen and recreating those delicious recipes. Or recreating table scapes made from ten zillion mini cupcakes.  Or whatever.  Probably fewer hands raised, right?  That’s because those activities have entertainment value apart from, and in addition to, practical value.  I’m gonna be honest.  I will probably NEVER cook most of the recipes I’m reading in cookbooks or magazines, but I still enjoy those publications.

In the midst of concerns about Travel and the Coronavirus, that’s how I feel about my Travel Blog and my Travel Podcast.  And others like mine, in general.  I might never go an an African Safari, but I sure do enjoy reading about them and admiring the pictures.  I might never scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, mainly because I am afraid of sharks, but I sure do love to see those gorgeous pictures of others enjoying that travel experience.

So, if we are being advised against travel to…say…Italy right now, I’m still going to enjoy reading about wonderful wineries to visit in Tuscany, and cooking classes in the Marche Region.  I’m still going to write about Italy.  Because Italy is wonderful.  And if I can’t get on a plane right now and go there, then I damn sure am going to enjoy it virtually, until I CAN get on a plane again.

Same thing with Paris.  Yes, the Louvre has been closed for the time being.  Other venues might follow.  But I’m still going to dream about Paris in the Springtime.  I’m still going to read up on the newest restaurants in Paris.  And I’m still going to think about my next trip there.  Whenever that happens.  And, I’m going to keep writing about Paris.

Because, even if, for a period of time, travel is restricted, reading up on travel is STILL an enjoyable experience.  If you have concerns about travel right now, and choose not to, I can understand that!  We might not be actively planning a trip right now, but we can travel via the words on a page, or the voice behind a podcast!

If you choose to stay home, and limit being in places where lots of people gather….fire up your tablet, laptop, or computer and take an electronic trip by reading travel articles, like those I write every week on The Curious Cowgirl Blog.

I’m gonna keep writing.  And publishing guides.  And recording podcast episodes.

For now, I’m still getting on a plane.  I’m wiping every surface down with a Clorox wipe.  And when I wash my hands, I’ll do it with the intensity of a person who just got done slicing a whole bunch of jalapeños and then has to take out their contacts.

I’m going to pray for a quick conclusion to this troublesome moment.

And, I hope y’all will keep taking virtual trips with me.

Now, wash those hands, and carry on!


The Curious Cowgirl




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