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Curious Cowgirl Giving Round-Up

Curious Cowgirl Giving Round-Up

Hi friends!  Well, it’s safe to say that we are smack-dab in the season of finding that perfect gift for all the people on our list. Today, I’m offering a giving round-up of posts I’ve written highlighting amazing folks who create their own brand of magic, in the hopes that you might find a wonderful gift that brings joy, and supports friends of The Curious Cowgirl!

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Ahem!  Sophisticated at All Times    (Or Not)!

Ahem! Sophisticated at All Times (Or Not)!

Today we shall read the Blog post with our pinky finger raised, our legs crossed demurely at the ankles, we shall dine on fine china and drink from crystal goblets and never miss an opportunity to pen a hand-written note on personalized stationary….or….we can just serve up some corn chips and bean dip and let it all hang out and LAUGH!  Sometimes y’all….Sophistication is Overrated!

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