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A Resolution-less New Year

A Resolution-less New Year

If the idea of making a New Year’s Resolution makes your skin crawl, then this podcast episode, is for you!  I love simple, easy to implement Social Media Marketing Tips, and when I thought about how to begin the New Year, and how I could best help my Followers and Listeners, I immediately thought:  New Year’s Resolutions!  But…maybe not so fast!

A Resolution-less New Year

Improving Sales in An Antique Mall

Antique Malls are fantastic places to sell Vintage and Antiques.  You can find at least one Antique Mall in almost every American city.  Mall Owners, Mall Managers and Dealers are always looking for ways for improving sales in an Antique Mall.  My answer:  a collective plan for Social Media Marketing.

Modern Treasure Hunting

Modern Treasure Hunting

What’s the best kind of treasure?  To me, it’s Antiques or Vintage treasures!  And when it comes to Antique Shopping, there’s many places and many ways to participate in a real-life treasure hunt!  I love that buying antiques helps us tell a story. Might be our own family’s story, or a story we start on our own.  Either way, antiques are an important touchstone to our collective past.

A Resolution-less New Year

3 Steps for Social Media Success

With all the information, advice and resources available regarding Social Media Marketing, it all can get pretty overwhelming!  Really, there’s only 3 Steps for Social Media Success that make sense to me.  And all three steps relate to the Social Media Calendar.

Modern Treasure Hunting

Walt Disney World in 2020

Is one of your Family Travel Goals is to experience Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida?  In order to get the most out of your Family Vacation, you will need the most up-to-date 2020 Walt Disney World Tips.

Client Spotlight:  Patricia Sone

Client Spotlight: Patricia Sone

As a consultant, Social Media Marketing Training is only as good as your clients’ success.  Every client has different needs.  Today on the Podcast, I’m interviewing Patricia Sone, a National Needlepoint Teacher and Canvas Designer.  You will enjoy learning about her journey to learn how to market her business on Social Media, and the common challenges all of us face when learning a new skill.

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For those who love Travel. For those who want well-researched information and tips. For those who want to save time and eliminate the stress of planning a vacation. And for those who love a good story….The Curious Cowgirl is the podcast for you. The perfect companion to The Curious Cowgirl Travel Blog!

For those Antiques and Vintage Business Owners who want to learn how to better utilize Social Media. For those who want to attract new customers and clients. And for those who want to make more sales, Getting Social With The Curious Cowgirl is the podcast for you. The perfect companion to The Getting Social With The Curious Cowgirl Digital Course.

Mary Denton Meier-Evans

Mary Denton Meier-Evans

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Hey y’all! Hi, I’m Mary Meier-Evans, a Native Texan, Travel Addict, Vintage Collector, and Zealous Needle-pointer, who lets curiosity chart my path. I’m also a Wife and Empty-Nester parent of four amazing people, and I gratefully embrace the twists and turns of life, because really….LIFE is an amazing gift!