Dallas Gardeners:  Meet Kate Olen!

Dallas Gardeners: Meet Kate Olen!

How many of you have heard of, or had the good fortune to dine at, The French Laundry in Napa Valley, California?  Well, for many years, Kate Olen was in charge of the restaurant’s garden, which supplied all those delicious farm-to-table goodies!  Bet I got your attention!  And guess what….she’s about to be one of the most sought-after Dallas Gardeners out there, helping folks in Dallas establish their own backyard gardens, including my own! DFW Gardening has NEVER looked so good!

Kate Olen:  Your Urban Garden Expert!

Kate Olen: Your Urban Garden Expert!

It’s been a while since I’ve profiled anyone here at The Curious Cowgirl.  And I never dreamed that I’d be profiling an Urban Garden Expert!  But, here we are! And let me tell you what….Farmer Kate is the REAL DEAL y’all!  And if you are one of my Dallas readers, you have hit the jack pot, because Kate Olen is setting up shop right here in the DFW area!!!

Dallas Gardeners:  Meet Kate Olen!

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