Client Spotlight:  Patricia Sone

Client Spotlight: Patricia Sone

As a consultant, Social Media Marketing Training is only as good as your clients’ success.  Every client has different needs.  Today on the Podcast, I’m interviewing Patricia Sone, a National Needlepoint Teacher and Canvas Designer.  You will enjoy learning about her journey to learn how to market her business on Social Media, and the common challenges all of us face when learning a new skill.

Patricia Sone:  Accomplished Needlepoint Artist and Teacher

Patricia Sone: Accomplished Needlepoint Artist and Teacher

Hey ya’ll!  Some of you early followers of The Curious Cowgirl might recall my post about my love of needlepoint.  Well, the number of readers who commented on that post was so FUN for me!  And, I learned that those who needlepoint are a very enthusiastic group who love to get together to stitch with a healthy side of chit chat, share tips on fancy stitches and beautiful threads….and who love to learn!  And one of the BEST teachers around???  The delightful Patricia Sone!

Needlepoint Keeps Me in Stitches!

Needlepoint Keeps Me in Stitches!

Y’all…the Curious Cowgirl has a hard time sitting still.  Anybody else?  When I have down time, I still putter around, finding projects, looking for this and that to keep myself busy.  Even while watching TV, I almost always have something in my lap to work on.  My very wise Mom knows me well, and in my early 20’s, I was facing a situation where I would be sitting for a few days, not in my own home with easy access to things that would keep me busy….so in the interest of helping me avoid a quasi-International incident, she suggested I learn how to needlepoint.  I could keep busy, but also continue to make polite conversation.  And eye-contact.  And not lose my mind.  And….Hello my name is Mary, The Curious Cowgirl…I became addicted to needlepoint!