Client Spotlight:  Patricia Sone

Client Spotlight: Patricia Sone

As a consultant, Social Media Marketing Training is only as good as your clients’ success.  Every client has different needs.  Today on the Podcast, I’m interviewing Patricia Sone, a National Needlepoint Teacher and Canvas Designer.  You will enjoy learning about her journey to learn how to market her business on Social Media, and the common challenges all of us face when learning a new skill.

Social Media 101

Social Media 101

If I were a professor, my class would be called Social Media 101.  And the most common question my students would as is this:  With so many techniques, strategies, for effective Social Media Marketing, what’s the ONE THING Antiques and Vintage Business Owners need to be doing on Social Media? I’m answering that question in this Podcast Episode.

Client Spotlight:  Patricia Sone

A Glitch in the Matrix

Social Media Algorithm Changes happen all the time.  And when they do, changes can make all of us feel like there’s a Glitch in the Social Media Matrix. 
In this podcast episode, I’ll share two instances where Getting Social With the Curious Cowgirl clients experienced a Glitch in the Matrix, and how we worked through the challenges together!

3 Steps for Social Media Success

5 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Followers

If you are an Antiques or Vintage Business Owner, Social Media is VERY important for marketing your business. It takes planning and focus to grow your Followers on any Social Media Platform.  But that work can pay off!  Why?  Because Followers are your next clients or customers. Today I’m sharing 5 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Followers!