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Hey Y’all!

I’m Mary, The Curious Cowgirl. Welcome! I wear a LOT of hats around here. Travel is my passion, and I share my insights, tips and experiences through my Travel Blog Posts and The Curious Cowgirl Travel Podcast.

In addition, I’m an Antique Dealer. As I travel, I’m always on the hunt for amazing Antiques & Vintage, and showcase my finds right here in my Living With Vintage Shop as well as my Instagram Page @thecuriouscowgirl.

My husband and I are dealers at Benny Jack Antiques on Riverfront and at Forestwood Antique Mall. Both are in Dallas. We hope you will stop by and shop with us!

I also source Antique & Vintage Textiles for Needlepoint Finishing.  Here is where you can shop my latest finds, and wholesale pricing is available to the trade.

Glad you are here!

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One thing I hear over and over again from the entire Antique and Vintage community is this:  I KNOW I need to be using Social Media to market my business and attract new customers and clients.  But I just don’t know HOW. Well, worry no more.  Because I do!  And I’m excited to show you!!!

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The Podcasts

Raise your hand if you also think that podcasts should be more than a way to simply “pass the time.”  I agree!  Both Podcasts aim to do one thing:  offer meaningful teaching, education, tips and guidance for my listeners.  So, if Antiques and Vintage are your passions, check out the Getting Social With The Curious Cowgirl Podcast.  If travel is your bag, then head over to The Curious Cowgirl Podcast.


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All things Social Media Marketing with a special focus on Antiques and Vintage Business Owners.

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Blog Post Articles offer readers depth of information, whether it’s Social Media Marketing tips for Antique and Vintage Business Owners, or a review of The Curious Cowgirl’s latest Travel Adventure.

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The Latest Getting Social With The Curious Cowgirl Blog Posts
How to Set Up Antique Mall Booths

How to Set Up Antique Mall Booths

And we have learned a LOT about what works best for display, tagging, and other tasks we deal with all the time!  In this post, I’m giving you all my best tips, sources and recommendations.

Now Enrolling:  Instagram Workshop

Now Enrolling: Instagram Workshop

Tired of knowing you NEED to market your Antiques or Vintage Business on Social Media….but you just need someone to SHOW YOU HOW….in a format where you can follow along and ask questions? Now Enrolling: Instagram Workshop. Guided instruction, in a small group format, that is effective, and AFFORDABLE!

Instagram Strategies

Instagram Strategies

Of all the Social Media Platforms, Instagram has emerged as one of the most powerful tools to grow your business.  Instagram Strategies for Antiques and Vintage Business Owners can be very effective.  And let’s face it.  As small business owners, if we are going to carve out time to be on Social Media, let’s make that time count!

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The Latest Curious Cowgirl Travel Blog Posts
Round Top Flea Market Winter Show

Round Top Flea Market Winter Show

  Looking for some Texas Antique Flea Market action in January?  Look no further than the Round Top Flea Market Winter Show.  The weather might be cold, it might be mild, but for die-hard antique hunters, this show is a must-add to your buying trip calendar!...

New Hampshire Antiques Week

New Hampshire Antiques Week

Looking for fun places to buy antiques in New England?  Look no further than the New Hampshire Antiques Week, typically in early August.  There are several Antique Shows to attend, and each show is held in different towns in New Hampshire, all close to Manchester, New...

Notes From The Hill

Notes From The Hill

You should write about that.  Mary, you should REALLY write about that! As Will and I organized our move to Murray Hill NYC, my good friends kept saying it.  You should write about that. Somewhere in the cobwebbed recesses of my mind, thoughts began to stir and ideas...

How to Visit Kennebunkport, Maine

How to Visit Kennebunkport, Maine

In September 2021, Will and I spent the first few days of September in Kennebunkport, Maine.  We had a wonderful time! Here’s all my tips and recommendations.

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