Break out the Pesto, the Alfredo, the Pomodoro sauces….maybe some clams…maybe a generous helping of Parmesan cheese….it’s time to celebrate National Linguine Day.  Yup…it’s a thing.

Where did I come upon this gem-of-a-holiday bit of information?  My Blogger bud Tanya Foster...who is always in the know….and here’s the web site for your future unique holiday reference.  You’re welcome!

So, how should we celebrate?  I’m thinking a trip to Italy!  Clearly!  I bet there’s a bunch of y’all that are headed to Italy in September and October, truly two of the best months to visit.  And to extend the celebration, I’ve got some fun announcements!


Linguinie and Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona


First, I have written a guide to some of my favorite restaurants in Rome…and it’s FREE!  All price ranges, with gelato shop recommendations too!  And I can assure you, many of these restaurants will have the best linguine you have ever tasted!  Click here to get your FREE Rome Restaurant Guide!


Linguinie and a Glass of Red Wine


The second announcement….I have published three curated guides for touring Rome.  A One-Day Guide, a Two-Day Guide, and a Three-Day Guide.  Each guide is jam-packed with minute-by-minute touring plans, so that you can see as much as humanly possibly with whatever time you have in Rome.  You will also enjoy shopping tips, restaurant tips, and much more.  My Rome Travel Guides are available by clicking here.


Linguinie and Marforio


I’ve had so many people reach out to me for help with planning their trip to Rome, and I LOVE working one-on-one with clients.  If you are wanting that level of personalized service, click here. However, I know there are many folks who may not need quite that level of personalized service, but really don’t want to have to pour through piles of travel books, and one-line articles, in an attempt to piece together a touring plan.  I’ve done ALL the work for you.


Linguinie and EA on street


The One-Day in Rome Guide includes:  7 Major Sites, 2 Restaurant Suggestions, 3 Gelato Shops You Shouldn’t Miss!  Click here to purchase your copy!

The Two-Days in Rome Guide includes: 10 Major Sites, 3 Restaurant Suggestions, 3 Gelato Shops You Shouldn’t Miss!  Click here to purchase your copy!

The Three-Days in Rome Guide includes: 14 Major Sites, 5 Restaurant Suggestions, 3 Gelato Shops You Shouldn’t Miss!  Click here to purchase your copy!


Linguine and Roman Ruins


What happens if you purchase a guide, and then decide you DO want to work with me personally to fine-tune you plan further…I’ll apply the cost of your guide to my fee for individualized trip planning services…that’s called a no-risk purchase, friends!


Linguinie and the Castel San Angelo


Praise the Lord…and pass the linguine y’all!  And thank you for supporting your humble Travel Blogger…female-owned, small business, a dream realized….your purchase makes it all possible!



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