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History Comes Alive in Franklin, Tennessee

History Comes Alive in Franklin, Tennessee

In 2005, I read a wonderful work of historical and biographical fiction, “The Widow of the South”, by Robert Hicks.  I was not aware of the sad reality of The Battle of Franklin.  Fast forward to 2019, and I finally had the chance to see those sites in Franklin for myself. 

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Take Another Bite Out of the Big Apple

Take Another Bite Out of the Big Apple

Oh New York City….how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  I love your museums.  I love your skyscrapers.  I love your East Side, your West Side, your Midtown, your Central Park.  Yup…I love pretty much every single thing about you.  And you know what?  Enjoying the Big Apple makes me HUNGRY!  Want to know where I love to refuel?  Read on, friends!

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