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Rome Museums:  Palazzo Massimo

Rome Museums: Palazzo Massimo

When my husband and I travel, we are very intentional in our planning, and all things being equal, we like to stay in one city for the entirety of our trip.  Why?  Because we can deeply engage.  We can see “the big stuff,” and then we can spend time seeing the other sites that most tourists don’t have time to see.  One of my favorite Rome Museums, the Palazzo Massimo.

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Happy Tacky Tourist Day, Y’all!

Happy Tacky Tourist Day, Y’all!

In the category of “Who Knew?”.  Today is actually National Tourist Appreciation Day.  However, I’m choosing to approach today from a different angle.  Therefore, I’m celebrating by calling it Tacky Tourist Day, and highlighting the many ways we tourists misbehave.  And, encouraging all of us to be a little less….well, tacky!

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Best Road Trips:  A Modern-Day “Family Griswold”

Best Road Trips: A Modern-Day “Family Griswold”

Hi friends!  I know most of us are in gear-up for summer mode, and all of are looking for vacation ideas!  Beach scenes, mountain-tops, camp…and advise on the Best Road Trips! One modern-day “Family Griswold” planned an entire vacation around tee-pee motels!  Dying to know who they are?  Read on….

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