Dear Readers……BWAH HA HAAAAAAAA…..Happy Halloween!  Hope everyone is planning a day full of treats, maybe a few tricks, and general fun!  I do not enjoy scary.  I don’t watch scary movies, I don’t go to Haunted Houses….but I do have some Scary Travel Tales to share with you today!


Scary Travel Tales Chapter 1:  Travel with Teenagers

Scary Travel Tales Three Teens at Roman Forum

Yup….this can be REALLY scary!  I have four children between the ages of 22 and 17, and planning a trip with all six of us can be scary!  In this Blog post, I shared with you my tips for successful trip planning when teens are involved.  Common sense, really, but no one wants to spend a bunch of money on a trip, with grumpy teens in tow, that’s for sure!!!


Scary Travel Tales Chapter 2:  I’m Lost in a Museum and I Can’t Get Out

Scary Travel Tales Pretzel at the MET

I know, I know….museums are not everyone’s cup of tea.  I LOVE them, and always spend time in museums whenever I travel.  But, I can appreciate those of you who are more like, “I’ll spend an hour in a museum, just to check that box, and then I want to move on and do other stuff.”  I get it!  In this post, I gave you step-by-step guidance on how to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and in this post, I shared with you the highlights of the Palazzo Massimo Museum in Rome.  No need to see every single thing….just the highlights.  And, if you are lost in a museum, and you find yourself needed sustenance….this post offers suggestions for museums in NYC that have GREAT intimate restaurants!  Fuel up, and then make your way to the exit!


Scary Travel Tales Chapter 3:  I Always Over Pack

and Feel Totally Disorganized When Traveling

Scary Travel Tales Amazon Packing Cubes

Here’s a funny confession….between me and my husband, guess who is the over packer?  One hint:  it’s not me!  Ha!  But, I do tend to try to carry on the plane to keep myself occupied than he does, so I guess that makes us even.  In this post, I shared with you my favorite Travel Gadgets that will help you pack more efficiently, save space, reduce the weight of your suitcase, and keep your carry on items more organized.  Click here!


Scary Travel Tales Chapter 4:  I Have No Idea Where to Eat

….and I’m STARVING

Scary Travel Tales the Morgan Library Dining Room

PC: The Morgan Library

Oh no….Hangry is really scary!  Let’s not go there!  I have two Restaurant Guides in my shop that will help you avoid getting hangry!  My Rome Restaurant Guide is FREE…..and was updated in July, so very current information.  My NYC Restaurant Guide is only $10, was updated in October, and has over 30 restaurant suggestions, organized by part of town, and includes phone numbers, and information about those that participate on Open Table.  Worth every penny y’all!!!!


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