As you all know, I am a collector.  I drag all kids of treasures home I find while traveling, as I shared with you in this post.  My primary addiction…..Vintage Christmas.  I LOVE ALL OF IT!  Flocked reindeer, blow molds, felt hangings, Shiny Brite ornaments!  I have tubs and tubs and tubs.  But, if you don’t want to go hog-wild with the retro Christmas, but still yearn for a little Vintage Christmas in your own celebrations, what to do?  Today, with the help of Etsy, I’m going to show you Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper, Handmade Christmas Tags, and Mid Century Modern Christmas inspired gifts, including Face Masks!. There are many ways you can incorporate Vintage Christmas easily, without needing to rent a storage unit for all your goodies….not that there’s anything wrong with that!

The fine print:  I am an Esty Affilitate, and might make a small commission from qualified purchases, which will not impact your price, but will help support my Blog, so thank you! 


First Published: November 14, 2018 Last Updated: October 24,2020

Vintage Christmas

It’s hard for me to explain why I love all things Vintage Christmas so much.  But y’all, I really do!  You can peek inside my personal collection, and how I decorate with it in this post.  One of the places I scour is Etsy, which also offers many Small Business Owners who have wonderful reproduction Vintage Christmas items.  Here’s my selections this year:

Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper


The easiest way to add a little Vintage Christmas flair is by choosing Vintage Christmas wrapping paper with vintage images.  I found six choices that are darling, and would look so happy underneath the Christmas Tree.  Click on the images below to go straight to the Etsy store selling each style.


White wrapping paper decorated with pink chars and green Christmas Trees.

PC: Shann Spishak Studio on Etsy



White Christmas Wrapping Paper with yellow chairs and Christmas Trees

PC: Shann Spishak Studio on Etsy



pink wrapping paper with ornaments

PC: Ruby Stripe



white wrapping paper with shiny brite ornaments

PC: Ruby Stripe



Handmade Christmas Tags 

Handmade Christmas Tags that are Vintage Christmas inspired are another easy way to incorporate Vintage Christmas into your gift giving! Click on the images below to go straight to the Etsy store selling each style.



Turquoise Handmade Gift Tag with Retro Christmas text in red and white

PC: Stick Em Up Labels on Etsy




Mid Century Modern Christmas

These days, Mid Century Modern Christmas is wildly popular!  As I have shown you, there are darling Christmas Wrapping Paper designs with a MCM flair.  And there are many Handmade Christmas Tags that also have a fun Mid Century Modern Christmas vibe.

One of the aspects of Etsy I love, is discovering creative small businesses, that apply a Mid Century Modern Christmas aesthetic to many different products.  Talk about fun gifts!  Here’s a sampling:


Lime Green Mid Century Modern Party Invitation

PC: Swirly World Design on Etsy



Mint green table runner with Mid Century Modern Christmas images on a white table

PC: Roostery on Etsy



white placement with red and green Mid Century Modern Christmas designs

PC: Okopipi Design on Etsy



green face mask

PC:  Retro Face Mask by Beans Shack



colorful vintage face mask

PC: Sisters Upcycling



Vintage Christmas Ornament Face Mask

PC: Brodie and Bear



white face mask with vintage images

PC: Kay Creations Design


Vintage Christmas:  The Real Deal

OK….if you REALLY want some true Vintage, here’s some ideas…and let me say this.  I do not collect Vintage because of what each item is worth.  I collect whatever brings me joy and makes me smile, so I suggest not worrying about what something is worth…get it because you love it!

Vintage Christmas tea towels are really cute, and an inexpensive way to add retro flair to your home.  Be sure and check the condition before you buy.  They are typically used, so there might be a stain or two.  Does not bother me, but that might bother you.  You might even want to add a monogram to modern-it-up!

I also love to have lots of Christmas candy dishes sitting around my house.  I like Lefton, which was popular in the 1970’s and Holt Howard, which was at its most popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Etsy really is an endless source for inspiration, so have fun searching, and supporting creative small business owners who can make your Christmas a very Merry Christmas!!!!



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