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I recently read a Facebook post that included the following quote:  “In a futile attempt to erase our past, we deprive the community of our healing gift. If we conceal our wounds out of fear and shame, our inner darkness can neither be illuminated nor become a light for others.” ― Brennan Manning  Wow.  That’s pretty powerful!  If the New Year is a chance to start again, then that fresh start requires looking at the darkness behind us, and the light that is possible in front of us.  I Resolve…..


I Resolve….To Start Each Day with Gratitude

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You know how you hear a lot of people starting to say toward the end of the year, “I’m so ready to be DONE with 2018 (or 2017, or 2016….)!”  I think that desire is steeped in a great deal of sadness, or disappointment, pain, or hurt.  And y’all….unfortunately the human condition is mired in all of that!  I can so easily find myself in the mindset of focusing on what is NOT….rather than focusing on what IS.  The best antidote?  Gratitude.  Out loud.  Vocalized.  As many times as I need to until the Light is fully shining in every corner of my life.  My husband, who will celebrate is 30th year of sobriety in 2019 is MUCH better at Gratitude than I am.  I Resolve to work on that!


I Resolve….To Connect with Actual People More

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In the 1980’s Madonna correctly crooned we are living in a Material World.  If she updated her lyrics to reflect today, I think she’s sing we are living in a Social Media World.  A world completely devoid of real human contact.  And that’s not an accusation.  I’m knee-deep in Social Media.  It’s just how the world is now.  But, I’m drawing a virtual line in the sand and refusing to sit at my computer and convince myself that getting updates on Facebook is just as good as an old-fashioned face-to-face.  It’s just not.  And we all know it.  So, how’s that gonna roll out?

I Resolve to have coffee or lunch once a week with a real live person.  I was sort of doing that in 2018, but I’ve got to up my game in 2019.  Every week.  EVERY week.  I’m also going to host dinner parties.  I’m gonna say once a quarter.  Let’s see how it goes.  Dust off the “nice” stuff and gather people I love around a table.  Lemme know if you want to get together in the comments below!  Bonus points if I have to travel to see you!


I Resolve….to Read More….a LOT More

I Resolve NYC Book Detail

Y’all may not know this about me, but my first profession was teaching high school English.  I used to be a voracious reader.  And I need to be voracious again.  It is for sure I need to explore more ideas, meet new people, consider different perspectives, and laugh and cry more.  All within the pages of a book.  I need ALL your favorite titles.  Don’t care how “old” the book is.  I’m behind.  Trust me.  Comment with your list below!


I Resolve….to Travel More

I Resolve The Curious Cowgirl in front of the Empire State Building

OK….y’all are probably saying “Duh.  You are a Travel Blogger.”  Yup.  After one year at helm of The Curious Cowgirl, I absolutely am a Travel Blogger.  I’ve probably been a Travel Blogger for a VERY long time…I just didn’t have the platform or the time.  I’ve got both now.  And a LOT of airline miles built up.  And a husband who is chomping at the bit as much as I am to get out there.  Therefore….I Resolve to give my suitcase the workout of it’s intentionally engineered short life.


Will you make a Resolution with me?  Will you consider sharing my Blog with your friends?  I’d love to grow my readership, and can’t do it without you.  Just forward anything you read that you like, and encourage your friends to sign up for my newsletter.

Thanks y’all!


2019.  Let’s do this thing!

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