As all of us are settling into our TEMPORARY new normal, many are looking for entertainment recommendations.  Movie Night at Home is a very fun way to spend the evening!  And as much as I love New York City, I thought a list of movies set in New York would be the perfect way to pass the time.  Grab your popcorn and a beverage, and let’s dim the lights!


Movie Night at Home


Now, certainly watching a movie at home is not a new concept.  But, during this time, while we are all staying at home to protect ourselves, our family, and our community, making Movie Night at Home more of an event seems appropriate.  Seriously….pop some popcorn.  Grab some candy.  Turn off ALL the lights.  Make your home feel as much like a real theater as possible.  If you really want to go the extra mile, schedule a call in the middle of the movie, breaking the magical movie spell for everyone.  Just like IRL (in real life).  LOL.

In related news, I love a good contest!  Especially when I have good chance of winning!  So…..I have a contest idea for you!  And there will be PRIZES!  TREATS!  GIVEAWAYS!  All the things!  Here’s how to play along:

I have chosen 28 of my favorite movies set in New York, and created a check list for you.  You can download it, and print it out, by clicking on this link.  I’ll bet you have already seen many of my selections, but there may be some new ones too.  Or some movies set in New York that you have not seen in YEARS.

Check off each film as you watch (or rewatch).  When your list is completely checked-off, take a pic of your list, or even better, a pic of you holding your list and do one of the following:

  • Email the pic to me at marythecuriouscowgirl@gmail.com
  • Post your pic to Instagram and tag me @thecuriouscowgirl
  • Post your pic to Facebook and tag me @marythecuriouscowgirl


Every single completed Movie Night at Home Check List will receive a fun giveaway prize!!!!!!  The contest will run through April 26, 2020, so you have one whole month to participate!

Sound good????  OK!  Have fun.  Stay SAFE!  Stay HOME!!!!


Movies Set in New York


a graphic list of movies set in New York


Click here to print out your own check list!!


Have fun doing movie night at home while you watch movies set in New York!  Stay safe!  Stay home!!


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