Well, here we are friends.  Social Distancing is the new normal.  And that’s OK, because we all want the fastest resolution to this crazy Coronavirus situation, with the fewest possible deaths.  Right?  So, if that means we need to come up with Entertainment Ideas at home and Fun At Home Activities, then that’s exactly what we will do.  If we can’t travel and see amazing sites, and have amazing experiences, maybe some of those activities can be enjoyed at home!  How?  The internet, baby!  Let’s take a look!


Social Distancing:  Virtual Tours

Last week I created a post keeping track of the most popular tourist attractions in NYC, and their status of OPEN or CLOSED.  Most of those attractions are museums.  And one after another, the museums began to close.  Hundreds of people inside museums clearly goes against the principles of Social Distancing.

But, the smart folks in the museum community came up with an AMAZING Plan.  VIRTUAL Museum tours!!!!  All you need is an internet connection!  Brilliant!  Here’s the museums offering virtual tours, and I will update this post as I learn of others.



There are over 4,000 different museums, churches, historic homes, and other sites you can explore online via Google’s Arts and Culture.  


And, speaking of tours, y’all have heard me recommend and talk a lot about Foods of NY Tours.  Participating in one of their tours is my FAVORITE way to explore neighborhoods throughout NYC.  Sadly, they are closed, like so many other NYC business.  BUT….these folks are AWESOME!  Many of their employees are former Broadway performers, and they are committed to keeping their customers entertained.  In their own words:  “Oh no! WE’RE ENTERTAINERS! And we’re gunna sing, dance, play the drum, showcase recipes and all that good stuff — just to keep our customers happy.”  Sign up for their newsletter!  I can’t WAIT to see what they do!  OH….and…..their gift certificates are 10% off.  I’m absolutely purchasing some to help support this AWESOME small business!!!



Entertainment Ideas:  Broadway at Home


Unfortunately, Broadway in NYC, and performing arts organizations across the county have temporarily closed their doors.  Again, I know that many of us are looking forward to the joyous moment when the theater doors open again.  But, in the mean time, there’s great ways to enjoy a theater experience, right in your own home.

Broadway HD is an on demand digital streaming media company. Based in New York City, the company records and distributes live theater performances and previously recorded theatrical productions through its platform.  It is a subscription-based site where you can watch dozens of Broadway Musicals, Plays, and Ballets.  From Kinky Boots to Macbeth, there’s so many to choose from.  Of course nothing beats live theater, and I sure hope we get back to that soon.  But, in the mean time….The cost is $9 per month or $100 annually.

Digital Theatre is a similar company.  Subscription based, and many of the participating performing arts companies are in the UK.  Approximately $12 a month.


When I travel, museums, historic sites, and live theater are some the activities I enjoy the most.  But venues are closed. For the next few weeks, you’ll find me enjoying those same activities, from my own home.

If you find additional entertainment resources like those mentioned above, please feel free to drop a comment!

And, check out my Podcast on How to be a Tourist Right at Home!




And I’ll keep this list updated!  And my hands washed!


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