Sometimes there are just more treasures than room to store everything. 

Here’s what Currently on Sale.


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Sale ends at MIDNIGHT July 15, 2022


Green Frame Needlepoint Birds

Green Frame Needlepoint Birds. Were $70, Now $55



Celluloid Vanity Boxes were $65. Now $50.



Porcelain & Brass Candlesticks

Porcelain & Brass Candlesticks. Were $95. Now $80.



Pink Vintage Placemats

Pink Vintage Placemats were $55, now $40


Green Polka Dot Bowl

Green Polka Dot Bowl. Was $65. Now $45.



"Venetian" Paper Mache Trays

“Venetian” Paper Mache Trays  were $20 each, now $15



Fruit Plates were $85, now $70



4 Blue and Pink Gaudy Welsh Plates

4 Blue and Pink Gaudy Welsh Plates. Were $85. Now $70.



Chelsea Pottery Plumb Flowers

Chelsea Pottery Plumb Flowers Plate was $65, now $55



Majolica Pitcher was $75, now $60



6 Lusterware Plates

6 Lusterware Plates were $75, now $60



Imperial China Platter

Imperial China Platter. Was $75, now $65.


Orange Floral German China Set

Orange Floral German China Set was $85, now $70



Pair of Bird Bud Vases

Pair of Bird Bud Vases: Were $65 Now $55


Pale Peach Vintage Glass Bowl Side View

Bowl was $55, now $40



Blue and Pink Chinoiserie Incense Box with lid off

Chinoiserie Box was $65, now $45


Coalport Chinoiserie Bud Vase

Coalport Chinoiserie Bud Vase. Was $45, now $40


Caramel Colored Martini Glasses

Caramel Colored Martini Glasses: Were $120 Now $90


yellow and green Divided Chinoiserie Dish

Divided Chinoiserie Dish was $65, now $50


Large Limoges Tureen

Medium Limoges Tureen was $65, now $55


Pink Libbey Goblets were $120, now $90



Thanks so much for checking out what’s currently on sale!  

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I believe age makes simple objects more beautiful. And the magic of Antiques & Vintage is the magic and sweetness that attaches itself to objects passed from one set of hands to another. Thank you for adding a lovely Antique or Vintage item to your collection, each personally sourced by The Curious Cowgirl herself.

I love scouring Flea Markets, Antique Shows and frequent Estate Sales, looking for the unique or interesting. I travel across the United States, and even Europe, collecting Antiques and Vintage.

It’s easy to incorporate Antiques and Vintage into daily living. From home decor to clothing to table decorations, I’ll show you how to mix Antiques and Vintage with Modern decor to create unique looks.


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