Haviland Limoges Oval Bowl


There’s nothing I love more than finding Haviland Limoges in perfect condition!

And this Haviland Limoges Oval Bowl, or Vegetable Dish, is certainly that!  The pattern is called “Trellis” and the delicate pink roses climbing the trellis make this bowl something really special!  It measures 9.5″ x 7″.  It is in perfect condition.

There is a matching serving platter listed here.


David Haviland, a china importer who partnered with his brother Daniel, moved to Limoges, France in 1842 so he could begin producing decorated china made expressly for the American market. In the beginning, he purchased white ware from many Limoges factories and had the pieces decorated in Paris. In 1865, however, Haviland procured his own factory and began producing porcelain blanks as well as hiring a local decorating staff to complete the process under one roof.


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This item is available in my Booth 354 at Forestwood Antique Mall in Dallas



I believe age makes simple objects more beautiful.  And the magic of Antiques & Vintage is the magic and sweetness that attaches itself to objects passed from one set of hands to another. Thank you for adding a lovely Antique or Vintage item to your collection, each  personally sourced by The Curious Cowgirl herself. 

I love scouring Flea MarketsAntique Shows and frequent Estate Sales, looking for the unique or interesting. I travel across the United States, and even Europe, collecting Antiques and Vintage.

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