As much as I travel, you’d think I have it all figured out, right?  Not necessarily.  But when it comes to the best travel gadgets, I am always on the hunt, trying out different products.  And, when I find a travel gadget that is awesome, I’m going to share my recommendation with you!!!!

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Best Travel Gadgets

Travel Gadgets collage



Travel Gadgets collage



As most of you know, I am a very practical person.  I don’t do fancy or expensive just for the sake of fancy or expensive, so as I worked on this post, I really tried to imagine all the airport, plane, hotel, and general travel experiences I’ve had, and products are the Best Travel Gadgets, and would have made those experiences so much better.  I found several, and all are pretty inexpensive!  Let’s dive in!


A Cord Organizer

Best Travel Gadgets Cord Organizer


We all travel with so many charging cords, battery packs, external hard-drives….having a water-proof Beschan case that zips up and holds all our cords…that’s a real Travel Gadget must-have!  No more digging around in totes or backpacks hoping your fingers will find what you are looking for!  That makes me kind of crazy!


Packing Cubes

Travel Gadgets Packing Cubes


Another Travel Gadget I have recently discovered, and love, is packing cubes!  I use them for items that getting wrinkled is not an issue, and oh wow do they save space!  This is a very handy technique for those who practically refuse to check a bag…you gotta get all your stuff in one suitcase, and packing cubes work MAGIC in that department!    I also use them when I’m checking a bag….I get one checked bag free on most airlines because I fly so much, and I for SURE don’t want to pay for a second bag!  Packing cubes to the rescue!


TSA Approved Silicone Bottles

Travel Gadgets Silicone Bottles

Do you have a good set of TSA approved silicone bottles for your liquid toiletries?  This is for sure a Travel Gadget must-have!  I’m going to make a confession….I’m the person who, until VERY recently, would travel with all my regular sizes bottles.  Talk about adding unnecessary weight….These silicone bottles are perfect for carry-on or packing, and everyone in your family needs at least one set!!!


Hanging Toiletry Organizer

Travel Gadgets Hanging Organizer


Ever noticed how hotel rooms these days have very small bathroom counter tops?  And when there are two people (or more if you have your kids in the room with you) there’s absolutely not enough space for everyone to spread out their toiletries.  I love these D&D Hanging Toiletry Bags!  There’s space for larger bottles and items in the bottom, and mesh pockets for smaller items.  EXCELLENT Travel Gadget!


Noise Machine

Travel Gadgets Sound Machine


And, speaking of hotels….what do you do if your room is near the elevator, and you hear the “ding” all night long? Or what if your room has a great view….but the glass bottles from the restaurant below are dumped at 2 am, and you get jolted awake from the noise?  Or your hall-mates come back from bar-hopping at the wee hours, and laugh their way down the hallway?  You need a travel noise machine!  This Aventek Noise Machine has twenty sounds, and is light-weight, so perfect for travel.


Travel Umbrella

Travel Gadgets Travel Umbrella


How many times have you found yourself on a trip, and it starts to rain…and you find yourself paying WAY too much for any umbrella you can possibly find?  Yeah…me too!  These compact umbrellas are GREAT!  So many cute colors to choose from, I’d get one for everybody in your family, leave one in each suitcase so you always have it, one for the car, one for your kids’ cars….can’t ever have too many of these!  A Travel Gadget that will have you Singing in the Rain!


A Disposable Rain Poncho

Travel Gadgets Rain Poncho


My many trips to Disneyworld made me think about this Travel Gadget…not just rain, but rides where you get wet!!!!!  Here’s another Travel Gadget I’d get several of….disposable rain ponchos!  These come in a pack of 5, 10 or 50, are very inexpensive, and I’d recommend getting a pack for every day of your trip if rain is a possibility, and umbrellas might be difficult.  Use them one day, put them into recycling…and then get a fresh pack for the next day!

A Passport Organizer

Passport Organizer


Keeping passports, credit cards, boarding passes, and other important travel documents in one place is one of the best travel gadgets ever!  For men, I like the option above.  For women, there are cuter options like this one, and this one, and this option.


Good Quality Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-Cancelling Head Phones


Bose makes an excellent quality noise-cancelling headphone!  Perfect for watching movies, listening to music, or just simply blocking out the loud ambient noise that is a part of every plane ride.


Extra Long Phone Charging Cords


Extra Long Phone Charging Cord


Argggg….you know what’s frustrating???  Hotel rooms with plugs so far behind the bed you can’t possibly reach them to plug in and charge your phone!  And, if the cord is on the wall, and your cord is not long enough to rest your phone on the bed-side table or dresser, then it’s on the floor.  Yuck!  I’d suggest getting 2 or 3 extra long phone charging cords.  One for you, one for your travel partner, and one for the moment you realize you forgot it in the last hotel room.  It’s always good to have a backup!


Spinning Wheels Suitcases

spinner suitcase


Next to the invention of the light bulb and sliced bread….spinner wheel suitcases are at the very top of my best travel gadgets list.  They roll easily, standing fully upright.  They are not hard to move around, and you won’t trip the person behind you on the suitcase you are dragging along.  There’s so many different brands out there.  This brand is by Amazon BasicsSamsonite makes many different sizes in many different colors.  And the top of the line brand is Tumi, which I own, and love!

There’s a whole bunch of gift-giving opportunities right around the corner….and all of these products are available on Amazon!  If you find a travel gadget you love, please let me know!

Happy Travels, y’all!!!