Many of you have been with me since Day 1, and there’s new folks joining The Curious Cowgirl party every day, so today I’m serving up a Round Up of ALL the services I offer, the best travel guides and other tips, in addition to my weekly Blog posts.  Plus….I have a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for my readers!


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Best Travel Guides and Other Tips

Hey y’all! I’m rounding the corner on 18 months of travel blogging, and I thought I’d take a minute to first of all, say THANK YOU!  I pop into your Inbox 2-3 times a week, and I hope you are enjoying my posts!  I receive kind emails and compliments all the time, so I know some of y’all are digging my chili!

For all the new readers, welcome!  You may not be familiar with what I offer, in addition to the Blog posts you receive in your Inbox.  Here’s a quick review.


Travel Blog Posts

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Let’s start at the top, shall we?  The heart and soul of my Blog is 100% my Blog posts.  I love sharing my travel tips, observations, and experiences with you.  I’m less of a “journal-er” and more of an “information share-er” as you have probably noticed.  But, if you want a play-by-play of any of my trips, down to what I ate for breakfast, I’m game for that too!!  I can get REAL deep in the travel weeds if you want!


Best Travel Guides

Rodin Museum with Les Invalides Dome in the distance


When I started blogging, mentors encouraged me to LISTEN to my readers, and provide what they are asking for.  Almost from the begging, y’all asked for travel itineraries that you could simply print out, and use for your own travels.  Done!  I’ve written almost a dozen of the best travel guides for Paris, Rome, and New York City.  Why do I think mine are the best?  Because I have personally experienced each and every site, restaurant, and shop I include in my Guides.  Nothing is outsourced.  Nothing is guesswork.  And I update my travel guides frequently!  Click on this link to see what’s available for purchase.


Never Be A Hangry Tourist

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My husband, Will, knows that it’s never a good thing for me to get hangry.  I’m epically un-fun to be around when hunger really sets in.  And, I bet many of y’all are the same.  The hard thing about travel is, most of us are pretty unfamiliar with the city we are visiting.  And at times, locating a good restaurant takes more time than we would like, tipping us into the hangry danger zone.  Not to worry!  I have curated the best travel guides for restaurants in Rome, Paris, NYC and Dallas.  I update these lists often, and love it when readers make suggestions of new places I should try!!!


Freebies, Giveaways and Printables

Apartment Check List


At The Curious Cowgirl, you don’t always have to pay to play.  I’ve developed a number of FREE Guides and Check-Lists that will make your travels much easier and better organized!


Travel Gadgets

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I’m a big fan of travel gear that actually HELPS make travel easier and more organized.  Here’s a link to a Blog post that shows you a picture of every travel item I love, and most I personally own as well.


Curated Travel Planning Services

Bistrot Vivienne Paris


Finally, many readers reach out for individualized curated travel planning services.  I currently offer those services for Rome, Paris and NYC.  Reach out via this link and let me know how I can help you!!!


Social Media

The main place I want you to be is right here, reading my Blog.  But, I do offer lots of travel tips and advice on three Social Media channels.

First, if you Facebook, please follow my Curious Cowgirl Facebook page.  Not only do I share my Blog posts there, making it easy for you to share those posts with your Facebook friends, but I also share many posts from other excellent travel sources for places I’ve not yet been!

Instagram friends, please do Follow me by clicking here.  Particularly when I travel, I share a lot of my daily activities on Instagram Stories.  Fun to follow along and see what’s happening in real-time!

Pinterest friends, you can follow me by clicking here.  I have several Boards, filled with not only my own blog posts, but also many other pins that will lead you to excellent travel articles written by other travel bloggers, travel writers etc.  Looking for travel inspiration?  Pinterest is the place to be!

Ok!  I think we are all caught up and on the same page!  Thanks again, y’all, for being on this journey with me!!!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT:  For a limited time, I am offering a discount on the following Guides:

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  • Paris Package:  In this package you will receive the 3 Days in Paris Guide, the Paris Restaurant Guide, and the Paris Metro Guide.  Copy and paste this code for your discount!!!:  G6XBG0ZXC6TB


Here’s the link to my Shopify Store with all my available Guides!