Coming Soon…..The Curious Cowgirl City Travel Guides….but let me back up a moment and say THANK YOU!

I’ve said it in an earlier post, and I’ll say it again today….in my wildest imagination, I never dreamed that my lil’ ol’ Blog would resonate so deeply with so many people.  Hardly a day passes that I don’t receive a message, a comment, a text, a hug, an email from a reader, sharing the kindest compliments.

Those moments make my heart swell with gratitude…and not for the reason you might think.  I feel gratitude because The Curious Cowgirl represents, and allows me to bring together, my greatest passions:  teaching, writing, traveling, learning, and sharing.


Curious Cowgirl City Travel Guides Rome London Europe New York

The Door to My First Apartment in Rome


In my very first post, I shared with y’all that many years ago, I spent some time in Rome, truly changing my life.  My literal Robert Frost moment:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Hindsight offers tremendous clarity, and I can see now how a million experiences in my life led me straight to here:  a career as a teacher; a career as a non-profit consultant; work as a free-lance writer and professional grant writer; a fervent yearning to travel…a LOT; an unapologetic interest in the weird, wacky, and non-traditional; a gift to be able to organize and plan; a love of meeting new people and learning what makes them tick.  None of that is an accident, and all of those experiences inform every single Curious Cowgirl post.
Curious Cowgirl City Travel Guides Rome London Europe New York

Il Falconiere, Cortona, Italy

I launched this Blog about six months ago, and trusted Mentors (Tanya Foster) and informative classes and forums (Jenny Melrose), advised me from the beginning to listen to what my readers are telling me they want.  And in this age of The Google, who can tell all, I have studied the data, and I have dissected what your kind comments and feedback are telling me.
And one message is getting louder and louder:  My readers want deeper access to all the fun, unique, weird, wonderful, and unique experiences of The Curious Cowgirl.
Curious Cowgirl City Travel Guides Rome London Europe New York

Vaux le Vicomte, France

Alrighty, then!  Ask, and ye shall receive!!!!
I am SO EXCITED to share with y’all, that very very soon, I will be offering The Curious Cowgirl City Travel Guides!  Available on my Blog…soon…and I mean really soon!
Want to know a teensy bit more?
Curious Cowgirl City Travel Guides Rome London Europe New York


First Up, the Eternal City.  Part of my heart lives there all the time, and I will be offering a number of deeply researched, highly curated, and wonderfully unique Curious Cowgirl City Travel Guides to Rome.  I’ll offer dining and shopping, of course.  But also recommendations for the BEST private guides in Rome, day-by-day itineraries, and information that will be as helpful and meaningful to first-time visitors, as those who have “seen all the Big Stuff” and want to go deeper.  I’ve got ya!
Curious Cowgirl City Travel Guides Rome London Europe New York
This is truly breaking news, y’all.  One of my DEAREST friends in the world, has spent the past two years living in London with his family, and we are working on an EPIC collaboration that will offer insights into London, and Europe more broadly, through the eyes of a ex-pat family, with three young children.  I’m so excited about the Curious Cowgirl City Travel Guides to Family Trips to London and Europe that are in the works….y’all are going to be blown away!
Curious Cowgirl City Travel Guides Rome London Europe New York
Start spreading the news…I’m writing away….you’ll want to be a part of it…New York, New York!  No kidding, y’all, the fun, funky, quirky, entertaining Curious Cowgirl City Travel Guides to New York City that I am putting together….just go ahead and get your trip booked now.  Because this is GOLD….
So, dear subscribers….YOU will be the first to know, because you are already subscribed to The Curious Cowgirl.  Many many thanks!!!!
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Because, the more the merrier, because my readers give me the BEST ideas, suggestions….and inspiration.
Keep it coming, y’all.  And hold onto your hats….The Curious Cowgirl City Travel Guides are coming!