The Eiffel Tower


Ohh la la….the food in Paris is truly divine!  From warm pain au chocolat in the morning with a strong cappuccino, to macrons in every color of the rainbow, Paris is a gastronomic delight!


The Curious Cowgirl’s Paris Restaurant Guide


Paris Restaurant Guide Laduree Pastries


For me, the attraction of Paris is equal parts history and food.  I could wander through museums and historic sites from dawn till dusk, the experience only made better with a fresh baguette in my hand to nibble on.  Sadly, museum folk frown on that…..

Anyway, I’ve heard it said that it’ almost impossible to have a bad meal in Paris.  I don’t know if that’s entirely true.  My husband had a BAD experience one time, but let’s not go there and pop the fantasy bubble we have going on.  It is possible to have a blah meal, and y’all…life is just too short for a blah meal when you are in Paris!  Am I right?


Paris Restaurant Guide Restaurant Interior


A few months ago I put together two restaurant guides, and they are both for sale in my shop!  One for NYC Restaurants and the other for Rome Restaurants.  Today, I’m excited to announce that my Paris Restaurant Guide is ready to go in my shop!!!  Simply click here!  I’ve complied a list of over 20 restaurants, tea rooms, chocolate shops and patisseries all over Paris.  Each establishment is arranged by Arrondissement as well as the closest major historic site or museum, so as you are planning out your trip, plugging in one of these great spots will be super easy!

And, if you are not the traveler who like to do all the nitty-gritty planning, remember that I do offer curated and custom travel itineraries, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Click here if you are interested!


Paris Restaurant Guide Musee D'Orsay


My Paris Restaurant Guides comes with helpful information, like tipping, cultural customs, do’s and don’t and so much more!  And, I have personally vetted each and every establishment.  It was hard work, but somebody has to try that crème brulee!  My husband might have helped me a little……



I advise you to wear stretchy pants to Paris!  Kind of a joke, but truly, I don’t hold back even one tiny bit when I go to Paris.  Weight gain worries?  Not a chance.  Will and I average 7 miles a day.  On foot.  The whole time.  Take that you calorie laden chocolate éclair!


Paris Restaurant Guide macarons


Here’s what I don’t care about:  Michelin stars.  How many times I see a restaurant pop up on social media.  Whether or not I can see the Eiffel Tower over my beef bourguignon.  (That’s actually kind of nice).

Here’s what I do care about.  The quality of the food.  The attentiveness of the wait staff.  The ambiance of the establishment.  And…..I don’t like to travel to the far corners of the globe for a good meal, so location is important to me as well.

So, if you or someone you know is headed to Paris, I think my Paris Restaurant Guide is a MUST.  It’s inexpensive, It’s vetted, it’s honest.


Paris Restaurant Guide la Mediterranee


And please do keep sharing your suggestions with me.  I’ll be in Paris again very soon, and will tackle a new set of restaurant candidates!

Merci, and bon appetite y’all!

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