When I met my future husband in 2009, I knew he was a keeper for several reasons.  One of them…he LOVES ice cream.  Wow, Curious Cowgirl…you might be thinking….your set of standards is a little….unconventional.  Perhaps.  But the other person in my life who LOVED ice cream was my grandfather, who ate a bowl of vanilla Blue Bell with chocolate syrup every single night of his life before going to bed.  So, that similarity seemed like a pretty darn good sign to me!

Fast-forward to 2018, and Will and I have travelled to Rome together three times, and it is totally hysterical how many times we stop for Italian ice cream, or gelato, on any given day.  Today, I’m sharing with y’all my favorite two gelato shops in Rome!


Gelato Shop Will Evans with two ice cream cones in Rome



According to the Giolitti website, “It all began back in 1890 when Giuseppe and Bernadina Giolitti opened a creamery on the Salita del Grillo, where they sold milk from their own pastures in the Roman countryside. Very soon, thanks to the quality of the products, the creamery was supplying the Italian royal family. Within a few years, new “Giolitti” stores opened, among which the historic home of the family business at Via Uffici del Vicario 40. It was here that Nazzareno Giolitti and his wife Giuseppina decided to add a vegetarian restaurant to the creamery and begin the production of ice cream of ice cream.”

Gelato Shop with Lucy and Steve Wrubel at Giolitti in Rome

With the Wrubels


Today, the gelato shop is located on the west side of Piazza Monte Citorio.  When you enter the gelato shop, you pay first, at the register that is just inside the front doors, paying for one scoop or two.  Then, make your way to the back of the gelato shop, and melve in with the mob that is waiting to place their order.  Don’t be intimidated.  Pretend you are at a crowded bar back in the States.

Gelato Shop with Debbie and Nickey Oates in Rome

With the Oates


The goal:  make eye contact with the gelato server.  Do not hem and haw about your order.  Use your maneuvering time to decide what flavor you want, then loudly place your order immediately following eye contact.  You can also ask for the gelato to be “con panna” which will get you your favorite flavor, topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream.

If all that seems intimidating, you can also sit at a table, and be served.  You just pay a tiny up charge…but just look at that extra few euros as an investment in serenity.




Gelato Shop Come il Latte in Rome



Will and I discovered this gelato shop on our most recent trip to Rome.  Located a little north of the famed Chisea di Santa Maria della Vittoria, which houses Bernini’s The Ecstasy of St. Theresa, this tiny gelato shop is modern and chic.


Gelato Shop Mary at Come il Latte


The waffle cones are home-made, and you can have your gelato served with a dark-chocolate drizzle, just to make sure that your tummy gets all the goodies in every bite!

We each ate our own gelato, and then split a third….all before lunch.  And I’m not even embarrassed to tell y’all that!

After all…..when in Rome……



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