Hey y’all!  I can’t believe how many readers have reached out for help with their travel plans to Italy this Fall!  I’m so humbled by your trust in me, and I LOVE helping you put together the perfectly planned itinerary!  I’ve had a LOT of questions, and today I’m doing an Italy Q&A with the most frequently asked questions.  Plus…..I have a GIFT for my subscribers…so be sure and read ‘till the end!!!


Italy Q&A:  6 Common Travel Planning Questions


Italy Q&A via dei Corinari


Italy Q&A Question #1:  How well do you know Rome?

I counted the other day how many times I have travelled to Rome, and the answer is 15 times…and 10 of those visits have been in the past 8 years.  It’s not possible to entirely know a city (I mean…how well do you know every single corner of your own city) but from a tourists’ point of view, I feel that I am an expert in recommending sites, restaurants, guide services, and efficient and thorough navigation through a city.  I do not recommend a single museum, restaurant, private guide, etc. that I have not personally experienced myself.


Italy Q&A Castel San Angelo river view


Italy Q&A Question #2:  I’m not sure that I need you to TOTALLY plan out my trip to Italy, so what if I already have an idea of what I want to see?

Awesome!  I am happy to work within your interests and priorities to plan your time in Rome!  This is YOUR trip.  What I offer is enhancement of your time in Rome, and making use of your time as efficiently as possible.  If I am not planning the whole time you are in Rome, soup-to-nuts, I simply charge an hourly fee, and I will tell you that time and cost up front before I do any work.


Italy Q&A glass of red wine




Italy Q&A Question #3:  What if I want you to plan the entire itinerary for my time in Rome?

Fabulous!  I charge a flat fee for that scope of work, and will spend as much time on the itinerary as I need to until you are 100% happy with the plan.


Italy Q&A Fountain of the Four Rivers Piazza Navona


Italy Q&A Question #4:  Do you help with any cities besides Rome?

I only plan itineraries for Rome right now.  I do have resources for Florence and Tuscany, so don’t hesitate to ask!  I’m always happy to share any information I have with my readers!!!!


Italy Q&A Palazzo Doria-Pamphilj


Italy Q&A Question #6:  What about help with Hotels?  Car Services?  Restaurants?

As you know from this post, I only stay in apartments in Europe, and I am happy to share various apartments I have stayed in with you!  For hotels, I work with a wonderful Travel Agent who has vast resources for hotels in Rome, and I can connect you!  I can also advise on parts of town that are more desirable than others.

Car Services, I have a fabulous resource!  Don’t hesitate to ask!

Restaurants….absolutely!  It’s a downloadable PDF….just click here.


Italy Q&A Gelato on cone


Italy Q&A Question #6:  Is there something you offer that is not completely personalized, but still has good information I can use!

Absolutely!  I have three Rome Guides for sale.  One-Day, Two-Days, and Three-Days in Rome.  They are PACKED with detailed information, step-by-step suggested touring plans, restaurant suggestions, and much much more!  Here’s the link if you would like to purchase one.  If you find that you still want more personalized help, I will discount my fee to reflect the money you have already spent on my Guides, so you are not out anything!  No risk!

Now…get busy planning the perfect trip to Italy!

Ciao, y’all!



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