You know what they say….Paris is Always a Good Idea!  I’m in full agreement!  And, I have received a TON of emails, texts, etc. from readers who want my suggestions for their upcoming summer vacation in France.  So, I decided to do a round-up of many of my posts about visiting Paris!


The Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens Flower Pots

Luxembourg Gardens


In this post, I discussed in detail the many reasons to make sure that a stroll through the gorgeous Luxembourg Gardens should be on your list of to-do’s while in Paris.  From gorgeous seasonal plantings, to statuary, to puppet shows…this destination is always a good idea!


Luxembourg Gardens Flower Bed

Luxembourg Gardens




Oh La La!  Never A Bad Meal!

I think it’s true….it’s really hard to have a BAD meal in Paris.  While I enjoy having reservations for many meals, simply discovering a new cafe or bistro is one of the delightful aspects of a trip to France.  In this post, I shared some of my favorite restaurants, which are always a good idea….bon appetite, y’all!


Laduree lunch good idea



The Rodin Museum

Rodin Museum good idea

The Rodin Museum


It would be nearly impossible to see all of the wonderful museums in Paris….and one of my favorites is the Rodin Museum!  The collection, the gardens, the historic home…every aspect of this museum is delightful!  For more information, click here!


Where Should I Stay in Paris?

Apartment good idea


Y’all….I’m a HUGE advocate of renting an apartment!  To be able to prepare a lovely breakfast of locally sourced fruits and pastries…while remaining in my PJ’s….or to relax at the end of the day in a space that is bigger than one room in a hotel, to me, is always a good idea.  Read this post for tips on renting an apartment!


Day Trippin’

Chateau Thierry good idea

Chateau Thierry, France


Again, there’s so much to do in Paris, it’s hard to imagine taking the time to leave the city, but if you are so inclined, we have really enjoyed visiting Chateau Thierry, the site of some of the most important battles of WWI, and much closer to Paris than Normandy.


 Chateau Vaux le Vicomte good idea

Chateau Vaux le Vicomte


We also completely loved visiting the gorgeous Chateau Vaux le Vicomte!  We lucked out, and toured on an evening when the Chateau and its gardens were illuminated by candles.  Always a good idea!!!!



What’s not to love about France?  If any of my tips are helpful to you, please tag me on Social Media, so I can see all the fun YOU are having!


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