Friends, we are nearing the end of 2019, and I wanted to do a series of posts rounding up and reviewing some of the major cities I have covered in 2018 and 2019.  If you are looking for a good Itinerary in Rome, I’ve got you covered!  Looking for Private Guides in Rome?  I know the BEST!  Museums in Rome are amazing, and I have several recommendations!  What about Day Trips from Rome?  Yup!  This is a great post to bookmark if you have plans to travel to Rome!  Ready?  Let’s review all the Fun Things to Do in Rome!


Fun Things to Do in Rome


“Fun” is often a hard word to quantify!  What is fun to one tourist, is not fun for another.  Acknowledged.  The only way I can approach this Blog Post is to speak about what I consider to be the most fun things to do in Rome.  And, I’ve been there over ten times, so I’ve experienced many different activities in Rome over the years!


Roman ruins underneath a blue sky with clouds

Lovely Roman Ruins


Castel San Angelo Rome

The Castel San Angelo Rome


Itinerary in Rome:  1,2 and 3 Days


Rome is absolutely one of my favorite cities on Earth, and I could spend months there and never run out of places to go, museums to visit, and pasta to eat!  However, I realize that most tourists are spending only a limited amount of time in Rome, as part of a larger tour of Italy, or perhaps a stop before boarding a Mediterranean cruise.

I have written three very detailed guides, including historic sites, recommendations on where to eat, and other invaluable information.  Whether you are spending one day, two days, or three days in Rome, I have taken all the guess-work out of how to maximize your time.

Why is a good itinerary important?  Well, if we are hoping to experience as many fun things to do in Rome as possible, maximizing time is really important.  I DETEST zig zagging all over a city.  I like to be organized and methodical.  And, when a typical day in Europe can leave you on your feet for 8-10 hours a day, a thoughtfully curated and organized itinerary in Rome will ensure you scour every corner, before moving onto the next.

My Rome Itineraries do just that!



Best Affordable Restaurants in Rome


Not gonna lie.  One of the most fun things to do in Rome is EAT!  It’s hard to have a bad meal in Rome….but it is possible to have a so-so meal.  And why have a so-so meal, when you could be in gastronomic heaven?  I have an amazing restaurant guide of some of the best affordable restaurants in Rome.  My guide includes pizza, lovely sit-down restaurants, and even my favorite gelato shops, all organized by neighborhood.

There are certainly many expensive, and Michelin Star restaurants in Rome, don’t get me wrong.  But, I find that some of best affordable restaurants in Rome are simply divine!  And then I have a few extra Euro for shopping!  Click here to get your copy of my Rome Restaurant Guide.


vanilla gelato with chocolate sauce at Come it Latte

Amazing Gelato at Come it Latte



Private Guides in Rome


I’m a very big believer in hiring a private guide!  You will spend your time more efficiently, you will learn SO much more by being able to ask questions and interact with your guide!  And, you call the shots.  You see what YOU want to see, not what someone else decides you should see.  You can spend as much or as little time at any given site, because YOU are in control of your time.  A good private guide is patient, flexible, and thorough.

Over the years, I have watched both good private guides in Rome, and some not-so-good.  No reason to risk the not-so-good variety.  It’s not inexpensive to hire a Private Guide in Rome, so they better be awesome.  And I have THE VERY BEST private guide services recommendation!

Please email my good friend Carlo, and he and his team of guides will ensure your time in Rome is amazing.  His company also offers car services, so that’s super helpful as well!  His email:  RGSCCReferral@gmail.com.  Carlo takes care of my people!!!!


a private guide wearing a blue shirt with a group at the Vatican Museum

Rome Guide Services, and owner Carlo Papini



Private Guide Carlo Papini in blue shirt showing a group pictures at a table

Carlo is excellent with teenagers!



Museums in Rome and Other Interesting Sites


Many tourists only have time to see the Big Sites, such as the Forum, the Colosseum, St. Peter’s and the Vatican..and those are all fabulous and worth every moment of time you spend there!  The tried-and-true spots are among some of the most fun things to do in Rome.  And let’s face it, they are what most tourists REALLY think of when they think of Rome.

However, I have written several posts about equally wonderful museums and other historic sites I wouldn’t dream of missing, and in my opinion, among the most fun things to do in Rome.  The Capitoline Museum holds some of Rome’s greatest treasures, as does the Palazzo Massimo.  I adore a visit to the Palazzo Doria-Pamphilj!  Do you know about Rome’s Talking Statues????  What about these 5 Facts Every Visitor to Rome should know?


the bronze She-Wolf of Rome statue

The She-Wolf of Rome


Family Travel Tips in Rome


In June 2018, my husband and I took 3 of our 4 kids to Rome for a week.  Will and I have travelled to Rome many many times, but this was the first time for our kids.  They had a BALL, and I wrote a post about taking teens to Italy that you might find helpful!

Keeping kids engaged while traveling can sometimes be a challenge, so finding sites that are a little “unusual” is always a sure bet.  Here’s a post with a site in Rome and another in Florence that fit that description!

Kids also love hands-on experiences!  So, if you are lookin for a pizza or pasta making opportunity, be sure and ask my Guide Recommendation, Carlo.  He knows EVERYONE in Rome, and will make sure you have a memorable hands-on experience!


3 Teenagers looking out over the Roman Forum

A View of the Roman Forum



woman with red hair and a blue and white dress standing in front of a tall black door

The Curious Cowgirl in Rome



Day Trips from Rome


Rome is a busy city!  I love the hustle and bustle.  But, many tourists in Italy are looking for something a little more quiet and peaceful than streets full of whizzing motorcycles.  As an alternative fun things to do in Rome, I highly recommend taking the time to visit two amazing sites just outside of Rome. Both are located in Tivoli.

Both can be visited in one day, and are a must-see….if you have the time.  Click here to read about the wonders in Tivoli!


an ancient Roman statue in Tivoli

The Emperor Hadrien’s Villa in Tivoli


Happy Travels to Rome folks!!!!






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