In 2007, I visited Rome with my parents, a trip that still remains precious to me in my memories, and that’s when I was first introduced to Carlo Papini, President of Rome Guide Services.  Since 2007, I have visited Rome more than eight times, and would never dream of making a trip to Italy, without booking one of the best guides with Rome Guide Services!  Let me tell you why!


Rome Italy Rome Guides Services Curated Travel Family Travel

Photo Credit: Rome Guide Services


Carlo, and his mother Ludovica, are the founders of Rome Guide Services, with over 70 years of combined experience between them.  They are Romans, and love their city….but they also have a deep connection with the United States, having lived in Texas for many years.  Today, they run one of the most thorough, knowledgable and professional private guide service companies in Italy, employing the best guides who are family members and friends.  Each guide is delightful, deeply knowledgable, and consummately professional.


Rome Italy Rome Guides Services Curated Travel Family Travel

Private Guided Tour of the Coliseum


The scope of their services is remarkable.  Privately guided tours of Rome is their specialty, and I have personally visited the Vatican, St. Peter’s, the Forum, and the Coliseum with the best guides of Rome Guide Services.  If you are visiting Rome, I guarantee that you will learn 10,000 times more with a private guide, than any group tour can offer!



Rome Guide Services can customize your visit to Rome….including cooking classes, Segway tours, shopping tours, wine tasting tours….you want to see all the major churches of Rome, they can do that!  You want to see Medieval Rome…no problem.  Rome Guide Services excels in creating exactly what their clients desire to do and see while in Rome.


Rome Italy Rome Guides Services Curated Travel Family Travel

Private Guided Tour of the Vatican Museum


In this post, I shared with you my experiences in Tivoli, a short day-trip outside of Rome.  That entire trip was planned and organized through Rome Guide Services.  A wonderful guide met me and my husband at our apartment, and walked with us to meet our private driver.  During the 45 minute drive to Tivoli, our guide shared interesting and entertaining information, that made our visit so much more meaningful.  Other day-trips offered by Rome Guide Services include Pompeii, Orvieto, the Appian Way, and many other fabulous locations…with the best guides!


Rome Italy Rome Guides Services Curated Travel Family Travel

Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli


If your plans include travel throughout Italy, Rome Guide Services can help you with every aspect of your trip, from transfers in private cars or vans, private guides in other parts of Italy, and assistance with accommodations, ranging from apartments to country estates, villas, and even castles!


Rome Italy Rome Guides Services Curated Travel Family Travel

Carlo is fantastic with teenagers!


I recently returned from a week visit to Rome with three teenagers.  My husband and I drug them around almost every corner of Rome, and by far….their favorite two days, were the days spent with Carlo, one of the best guides I have ever seen, at the Vatican Museum and the Forum and Coliseum.  The kids asked a million questions, and Carlo answered all with patience and humor.  He gave them just enough history to give meaningful context to what we were seeing, and then dove deeply into each site on our schedule.  Fantastic experience for all of us!


Rome Italy Rome Guides Services Curated Travel Family Travel


A few tips for working with Professional Guides:

  • DO be flexible with your plans.  I suggest booking your private guide first, then fill in around those dates and times with other activities, particularly during high-tourist season!  Also, your guide will know which days are best to visit which sites, taking into consideration days certain sites are closed, or particularly crowded days.
  • DO tip your guides, folks!  They work hard, and managing groups of people, keeping on schedule, and making efforts to ensure that everyone is happy and engaged is no small task.  20% in cash is recommended!
  • DO ask questions.  The best guides encourage curiosity, and knowing that the group is engaged and interested helps the guide adjust his/her sails as they work to help make your experience memorable.
  • DON’T be an ugly American.  Guides are not in control of crowds, uneven roads, heat, rain, or the lack of availability of public toilets.  Cut them a break for things out of their control.


I cannot recommend Rome Guide Services highly enough…and Italy…well, it’s just simply fabulous.  For more info on this glorious city, check out this post, this post, and this post

This post was written in collaboration with Rome Guide Services.  All opinions are my own.

Please email them at RGSCCReferral@gmail.com  If you make a booking with Rome Guide Services, please tell them you learned about their company through The Curious Cowgirl.  I will receive a small referral fee, which will not affect your pricing, but will help support my travel blogging business.  Many thanks, y’all!  xoxo



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