It’s February 14th!  And you know what that means!  Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hearts, flowers, kisses all around!  Today, rather than sharing with y’all my favorite chocolates, or romantic destination suggestions, I thought I’d simply reflect on what Love is to me….

Y’all….I think we live in a really challenging time.  There’s so much anger and frustration in this broken world, and while I don’t, by any stretch of the imagination, have the solution on lock-down,  I certainly see and hear folks throwing around phrases like “Love Conquers All” and “Love is the Answer.” I agree, but what is love….really?

I know I love my family.  I love my friends (y’all are awesome).  I love America.  I love how I earn my paycheck, and I love my varied hobbies and interests.  But are all these things a definition of love, or just objects of my love?  Obvious answer:  objects.

I can only offer up the best source I know for a solid answer to the eternal question:  What is REAL Love?  Interestingly, the definition is a list of action steps that make a whole lot of sense.  The list represents real points of personal struggle for me, but also outlines  what I believe I should be doing, in a Perfect World, to show more Love.

Happy Valentine's Day Poster

I Corinthians 13: 4-8


Seems pretty simple and straight-forward to me!  So, OK friends.  Y’all help me and hold me accountable for putting this list into ACTION….and I’ll do the same for you. And then maybe….just maybe….the way we LOVE each other will make every day a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Vintage Valentine