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Today we shall read the Blog post with our pinky finger raised, our legs crossed demurely at the ankles, we shall dine on fine china and drink from crystal goblets and never miss an opportunity to pen a hand-written note on personalized stationary….or….we can just serve up some corn chips and bean dip and let it all hang out and LAUGH!  I choose to laugh.  How about you?  I’m not knocking the finer things in life, or the traditions of polite company.  Trust me….that’s my world a lot of the time, for sure.  But, y’all probably know by now, I’m a VERY irreverent person.  More than my Mother would like, I am sure.  (Love you Mary Ann) And sometimes y’all….Sophistication is Overrated!


Sophistication is Overrated


Y’all….I love Jesus…but I do swear a little.  Not gonna lie.  And I’m pretty sure that authors Babs Horner and Susan Palma are my Spirit Animals!  Babs and Susan were raised Catholic (there’s a tie-in later), and both sisters dedicated this fantastic book to their precious parents, who taught them to belly-laugh.  How awesome of a compliment is that????  Pretty much the embodiment of sophistication, Babs is a Connecticut resident needlepointing expert who could have a career as a chef if she wanted to, and Susan is one of the most sought-after Designers in Dallas.  But, behind the glossy exteriors are two sisters who compared their book Sophistication is Overrated to a mullet…..chic business in the front…and a party in the back.


Sophistication authors Babs and Susan with their father


Let me explain.  The organization of Sophistication is Overrated is brilliant.  Chapter 1 presents a gorgeous table scape showcasing a celebration of thirteen years of wedded bliss, complete with amazing photographs of glittering tables laden with silver and crystal, fresh-cut flowers, and soft candlelight, which are actually pieces from the authors’ personal collections.  Sources for elegant table settings are included, as well as an entire suggested menu with recipes for the most delightful and romantic dinner you can imagine.  And then…the awesome happens…because the second half of Chapter 1 continues the celebration, but this time in juxaposition….it’s the first anniversary dinner with the new Trophy Wife.  Photos include said Trophy Wife (spoiler alert, friends of the authors….not that it would be hard to find a real one….) dripping in jewels and outfitted in the tightest possible cocktail dress, while her husband cradles their new baby in his tired looking arms.  But never fear…there’s a defibrillator on the floor in case of emergency….or at least until the New Will and Testament is in place.


Sophistication is Overrated with needlepoint icee canvas


Y’all….this book is GOLD!  Another chapter shows us all how to throw the perfect party for our best friend, and truly the ideas are fabulous, and then we are offered suggestions for how to throw the same party for the same friend, post-plastic surgery.  Bandages and all!  Each chapter follows suit, just like they said!  Business in the front, party in the back!


Sophistication is Overrated Susan showing book


Babs and Susan have gained quite a cult following!  They have fans all over the country who send them pictures of their charm bracelets, as the sisters have AMAZING bracelets they wear all the time.  And other fans send pictures of themselves dressed up as nuns, a nod to Babs’ and Susan’s Catholic upbringing, and a comedic theme that runs through all their (less-than) sophisticated party ideas.


Sophistication is Overrated Susan and Babs and friend dressed as nuns


They have fans who recreate Sophistication is Overrated Pool Parties, which is actually nothing more than crashing someone’s home while they are out-of-town, throwing in a bunch of funny floaties, PG Rated Styrofoam cups and cocktail napkins, a floral swim cap or two, and BAM!  Pretty sure I want to be invited to THOSE pool parties!!!


Sophistication is Overrated Pool Party


So, as we are all making gift lists for this Holiday Season, I can 100% assure you that EVERY girl on your list needs a copy of this book!  Hours of belly laughing guaranteed, plus some honest-to-goodness party planning tips, ideas, and recipes that really are sophisticated….just not TOO sophisticated.

Sophistication is Overrated is available on Amazon by clicking here.  If you live in Dallas and like to shop local, you can also purchase the book at Mecox, at Coco & Dash, St. Michael’s Women’s Exchange, and Interbang Books. Want your book personalized?  Email Susan at sspalma@me.com.  You can also be a real fan-girl and meet the authors at two book signings in Dallas.  The first will be on December 1 at Talulah & HESS and the second book signing at Kathy Adams Interiors in Plano on December 8.

I suggest you dress like a Nun, wear a floral swim cap, or at a minimum break out your charm bracelet.


Sophistication is Overrated Charm Bracelets

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