Dear friends, I feel a big dose of Christmas Nostalgia comin’ on!  We are just on the cusp of Christmas Day, and I hope each of you will have the perfect Holiday with friends and family!  There’s so much hurry up, and extra to-do’s….I think we all come skidding into Christmas with a collective WHEW!  WE MADE IT!

But, to quote the great philosopher, The Grinch, “What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!” ― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!


Christmas Nostalgia:  My Past and My Present


The Curious Cowgirl at Christmas in 1979

The Curious Cowgirl, circa 1978



Vintage Christmas Image of three women opening gifts

My Amazing Mother and My Precious Ganny


Christmas from 1970 to 2019

While preparing to have family in my home, I had to embark on a super fast clean up of some of those “piles” we all have around our homes, and in doing so, I found the images I have shared with you today.  Looking at these photos dating back to the 1970’s, I was confronted by so many vivid memories, and a lot of Christmas Nostalgia.

I remembered years and years and years of Christmas mornings when it was just me and my brother Michael, before we grew up, and started families of our own.  I remembered my very favorite stuffed animal, Mertsey Mouse, which was an early Christmas gift, and wondered where in the world did Mertsey go?  I remembered with some pretty sharp sadness, my precious Ganny and Ca-Ca, the world’s greatest grandparents, who are no longer with me….but in their case, I DO know where they are!


Vintage Christmas Image of two children singing Holiday Songs

Me and Michael Michael Motorcycle, Circa 1974











All The Christmas Feels….


And whether it’s things, or people, or places….the Holidays can bring back so many emotions and so much Christmas Nostalgia!  And while we can’t go back and change the past, or guarantee that Christmas will look and feel the same year after year, we can shape what our today looks like.


Vintage Christmas Image of a little girl holding a stuffed animal

Me and Mertsey Mouse


















So this Christmas Season I choose Family, and Friends (who are the family we choose, by the way).  I choose Hope, and Peace.  I choose Forgiveness.  I choose Healthy Boundaries.  I choose more, not less.  And I choose to relentlessly and unapologetically chase dreams, experiences, people, and places that are new, different, challenging and unique.

The Curious Cowgirl Travel Blog has been a gift to myself, because I can share all those dreams, experiences, people and places with YOU, feeding my soul from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes and beyond.  I hope you feel my excitement in every post and my sincerity when I say thank you for following me!

Y’all….enjoy every last bite of peppermint bark and of fruit cake…pour yourself another cup of Christmas cheer and laugh at your family’s craziness, and say a prayer of thanks for your friends.  Dish out a heaping serving of Grace!  Get all knee deep in that awesome Christmas Nostalgia!

And I hope you had yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

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