Ok y’all…how many of you have participated in a Film Festival?  If your answer is never, I’m going to help you change that answer!  Get ready for some Fabulous Festing in Dallas!
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Fabulous Festing Big D Style

The Dallas International Film Festival is proud to announce its annual film festival, returning to Dallas from Friday, April 28, 2023 to Friday, May 5, 2023. I LOVE these folks….each year, they bring to Dallas absolutely fantastic films you can’t easily see anywhere else.  I introduced you to my friend, Artistic Director James Faust, in this post.
This year all Fabulous Festing Big D Style and screenings at the Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF) will take place at The Violet Crown Cinema in West Village, at 3699 McKinney Avenue in the Uptown neighborhood of Dallas.


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The 2023 Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF) will host dozens of screenings of films and a series of Special Events.
For all you Film Festival Newbies, below are some tips to fully enjoy every aspect of this Fabulous Festing Big D Style opportunity:
  • Buy a Pass. Choose from  from four different Pass levels. If you have questions about what passes get you into which screenings, CLICK HERE. This is the easiest, user-friendly way to fest, AND Pass holders get into the theater before ticket holders!  LOVE!
  • Once you have your pass, click here to plan which films and events you’d like to attend.
  • You can also purchase individual tickets by clicking here. Add tickets to your cart and check out! Pick your tickets up at the DIFF Box Office at least one hour in advance of your screening time.


TIP #2:  WHAT’S A Q&A?

  • Following each screening, don’t jump up and head to the exit, because something awesome is about to happen!
  • There’s always a Q&A with folks connected to each film.  Directors, Producers, Cast members are in Dallas to talk about their film, and answer questions from the audience.
  • Apart from seeing films you might not have access to otherwise, THIS is what makes a Film Festival so amazing.  Up-close and personal interaction with the creatives behind the films.


Fabulous Festing Big D Style has been goin’ on in my life since 2011.  What am I planning to see this year???  My top three:


A Disturbance in the Force:  In 1977, “Star Wars” became a cultural phenomenon that single-handedly revitalized a stagnant film industry, and forever changed how films were sold, made, and marketed. Movies would never be the same again. A year later, neither would television. In 1978, CBS aired the two-hour “Star Wars Holiday Special” during the week of Thanksgiving. The broadcast was watched by 13 million people. It never re-aired and is considered one of the worst shows to ever air on TV. While some fans of the franchise are aware of this dark secret, this bizarre television event still remains relatively unknown among the general public. This documentary answers the question: how and why did the “Holiday Special” get made?


Chocolate Lizards: Erwin Vandeveer’s (RUDY PANKOW) car breaks down while heading home to L.A. after getting fired from his first real acting job. Stranded in Buffalo Gap, Texas, Erwin meets colorful roughneck Merle Luskey (THOMAS HADEN CHURCH), who is about to lose his oil drilling operation in 30 days unless he can come up with the money to pay off his bank note. Two down-and-outers at the end of their ropes, Erwin and Merle join forces with Faye Brown (CARRIE-ANNE MOSS), the local cafe waitress, in an unlikely scheme to stave off disaster and try to hit an oil bonanza before Merle’s time runs out. With a little comical cunning and even more luck, the three just may pull off a last-minute miracle.


Still:  A Michael J. Fox Movie:  A short kid from a Canadian army base becomes the international pop culture darling of the 1980s—only to find the course of his life altered by a stunning diagnosis. What happens when an incurable optimist confronts an incurable disease?


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Fabulous Festing B D Style Dallas Film Festival The Curious Cowgirl will Pass


Y’all…I can’t encourage this Fabulous Festing Big D Style event highly enough.  In this post, I shared with you my favorite documentary films, and many of them I experienced first at the Dallas International Film Festival.  Support The Art of Film…and get out there and Fest!!!

This post is in collaboration with the Dallas Film Society.  All opinions are my own.



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