You know it.  I know it.  Basically everyone knows it.  Teenagers can be kinda…well….challenging.  They aren’t kids.  They aren’t adults.  In between two worlds is a hard place to be!  But can teenagers be amazing?  Absolutely!  And you know what amazes me?  Life Goals List spoiler alert:  Teenage filmmakers, like those who will be showcased in the upcoming Pegasus Film Fest in Dallas!  I first wrote about this awesome film festival in 2019, and am delighted to share with y’all that the show WILL go on in 2020….but virtually!  Here’s all the scoop!


First Published: May 14, 2019 Last Updated: May 6, 2020



Life Goals List

I’m 52, and I can assure you that when I was a teenager, I was far from amazing.  I’m pretty sure my shoes matched and I completely brushed all my hair, even the hair on the back of my head that I couldn’t really see, by the time I graduated from high school.  Unlike my 1980’s self, there are teenagers out there today with a life goals list that would blow your socks off.  Case-in-point:  the teenage filmmakers showcased in the Pegasus Film Festival.

Please enjoy this short interview with Festival Director, Logan Mook!




Pegasus Film Festival Logo

PC: Pegasus Film Festival



The Pegasus Film Festival


According to The Pegasus Film Festival web site, “North Texas is a haven for hungry youth, passionate about filmmaking. Dallas area staples such as the vibrant Deep Ellum, and the bustling arts district lend themselves to the inspirations of students with boundless creative potential, the wealth of which should be nurtured and represented to the fullest extent possible. However, despite the increasing accessibility to filmography equipment & tools, the art is inaccessible to many, and exposure often stands between artists, and the support and recognition they deserve.”

“The Pegasus Film Festival was created in 2015 by Dallas filmmaker Niloo Jalilvand, with these dreamers in mind. Art and self expression are imperative to many, yet equally unavailable, as expression, especially in regards to film, can be very expensive We seek to close this gap, by giving filmmakers the chance to present their art to both an audience, and a panel of judges. Through this, they will learn invaluable lessons, make meaningful connections with industry professionals, and become familiarized with the film festival experience.”

Y’all may not know this about me, but my first profession was teaching high school.  I’m all about opportunities for teenagers to exercise their creative muscles, learn to problem solve and work with others, and dream REALLY big dreams.  Who knows…the next Cecil B. deMille might be right here in the Lone Star State!


The Response to COVID-19



Submissions and Awards


rows of wooden theater seats


Those of us who are “adulting” know that teenagers do better with boundaries and rules.  Ergo, teenage film festivals should have rules.  And the Pegasus Film Festival does!

  • All films must be made by high school students in Texas.
  • Run time must be 1 to 10 minutes, including credits.
  • Multiple films may be entered.
  • No copyrighted media (music, images, scripts, etc.) are permitted.


There are 5 Judges Awards: The Innovation Award, Best Documentary, Best Narrative, Best Mental Health/Suicide Prevention P.S.A, and Best Experimental Film and a new category, Micro Movies, which are Social Media Creations of less than 60 seconds.


Judging Criteria 


rolls of film


Films are judged on: Creativity, Artistic/technical quality, Transformative power (my favorite!!!), Impact on audience, and their ability to inspire change.

Tell me More!!!

OK…so how can you get involved?

So, between me and my husband we have four kids.  One is still in his teens (barely).  And to all the parents and grandparents out there who are reading this blog post:  Sometimes it feels like you have to travel a jillion miles to find common ground with your teen.  Not all the time.  But some of the time.  Watching student-produced films together is a GREAT way to bridge that gap!  Talk about a great springboard for conversation!

I HIGHLY recommend marking your calendar for 7 p.m. , Friday May 29th.  Gather your family around you, and enjoy an evening of student-produced films!  Go to www.pegasusfilmfestival.com to get your tickets and access instructions.


The Big Why

I’m encouraging y’all to buy tickets and tune into The Pegasus Film Festival with the teen…or pre-teen…in your life.  I think it’s VERY empowering for kids to see other kids doing something really cool.  It’s cool to see teenagers accomplishing something MAJOR on their Life Goals List.  Cool means supporting dreams!!!

movie theater doors
The Pegasus Film Festival takes place on May 29 at 7:00 p.m..

Special Shout-Out

Special shout-out to Booker T. Washington HSPVA Senior, Logan Mook, who is the 2020 Festival Director.  Thanks for Zooming with me!


And to ALL the filmmakers who submitted:  Congratulations!  Whether you made it to the final cut or not, we are ALL very proud of you.  It takes guts to dream.  It takes guts to have a vision.  And we know it’s not easy being a teenager.  High Five, Fist Bump, or whatever y’all do these days…your life goals list is worthy of pursuing!
We all have our popcorn ready!  Go get ’em!
red and white striped container of popcorn




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