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A Gift with a Purpose
Y’all, don’t you love knowing a strong woman who utilizes her God-given gifts and talents to start a successful business, while helping others at the same time?  I think we all do!  And Sarah Hopkins is that kind of women.  Beyond talented in the art of flower arranging and possessing a knack for baking with a tried-and-true secret family recipe for melt-in-your-mouth cookies, Sarah is the founder of One Pink Cookie, a home based cookie and floral design company…..with a purpose!
It all began in 2011 when Sarah wanted to start a business using her baking and design skills, while One Pink Cookie Christmas Cookiesbalancing raising three kids. She baked and designed gorgeous florals for friends and neighbors, and the demand grew so large, it was clearly time to get serious and form a company.
Across the globe, in one of the most poverty stricken nations in Africa, a little eight-year-old girl named Deborah was also busy baking. She and her sister worked all night baking scones, so that they could sell them on the dangerous streets of Zambia.  Deborah’s sister was on the verge of giving up their baking efforts to sell something else….her body, and Deborah was likely not far behind.  Sarah learned about these precious girls through Family Legacy, a ministry which exists to connect American families with the orphaned and vulnerable children of Zambia to proclaim the gospel, transform lives, and rescue orphans.
Sarah also had a heart for at-risk children in her own home-town, and wished to support women in One Pink Cookie Ownerscrisis through giving to charities around Dallas, such as Genesis Women’s Shelter and Council for Life. She and her daughter Lizzy got busy, and began baking and arranging flowers.  The response from the community was amazing, and today Sarah operates a thriving business.  Deborah and her sister were moved safely off the streets and into the safe haven of Family Legacy, and Sarah and her daughter have visited Deborah three times in Zambia over the years, and their financial support of Deborah comes directly from One Pink Cookie!
One Pink Cookie Tray of Cookies
Keeping Deborah close to her heart, and never forgetting how many women and children are at risk, Sarah makes sure that each cookie order always includes, literally, one pink cookie, representing at-risk women and children.  Now Sarah’s company mission statement is “Helping Women and Children in Crisis, One Pink Cookie at a Time”.  I love that!
OK ya’ll….so Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and One Pink Cookie is the ideal gift with a purpose!!!  Sarah will take orders for flower arrangements until February 1, and for cookies until February 10th.  Her prices are listed on her Facebook Page.  And don’t forget One Pink Cookie for other occasions:  Wedding parties, Birthday gifts, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s gifts….there’s always a reason to choose a gift with PURPOSE!
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