Hey y’all!  OK….so how many of you have a sibling?  Raise your hand.  Now….how many of you would want to work day in and day out with said sibling?  I can see Jenna Jackson and Anthony Jackson raising their hands!  Why?  Because they are the dream sibling team behind P+R Productions, and their passion for telling authentic stories through film is amazing!!!

Y’all remember reading this post about my favorite documentary films?  My #1 film is Tomato Republic, produced and directed by P+R Productions, and that’s how I met Jenna and Anthony.  As a part of the Dallas International Film Festival, Tomato Republic won the coveted and rare Special Jury

P+R Productions DIFF Q&A

Tomato Republic Q&A at DIFF

Award.  My dear friend, and fellow Blogger Tanya Foster, hosted team P+R Productions during their stay in Dallas, and she of course became friends with Jenna and Anthony, and….hey….her friends are my friends!  And here in Texas….we love our fellow Texans who are doing AMAZING things!!!

As a consultant for a newly formed Veteran non profit, Sons of the Flag, I knew we needed to tell this amazing charity’s story in a compelling video format, and so who did I reach out to?  P+R Productions, obviously.  That project has led to a four-year relationship with two of the coolest, kindest, and most P+R Productions Anthony Jacksoncreative people I know!

Jenna and Anthony grew up in the East Texas town of Jacksonville. In college, Jenna was always fascinated with crime.  She wrote for the school newspaper, and covered crime stories, leading her to spend significant time on death row and in the courtroom.  During this period, she met Dan Rather, and was inspired to pursue her interests more deeply, so after graduation, Jenna packed up her cowgirl boots and moved to the Big Apple.  She spent the next 15 years at CBS, producing 48 Hours, assisting Katie Couric in the launch of her day-time show, and earning herself an Emmy Award!

Anthony’s path was different.  Introduced to life in front of the camera at a early age, Anthony followed P+R Productions Jenna Jackson and Anthony Jackson in hatssister Jenna  by participating in many Rusk County Community Theater productions as an actor (he played Gus the mouse in Cinderella as a first role), an experience that Anthony links directly to his current love of directing.  A genius with technology, Anthony was the 2nd high school student in the entire United States to gain certification in Microsoft.  He also worked for Verizon after being busted as a highly successful hacker.  Choosing a more straight-and-narrow path, Anthony became very involved with Shoreline Church in Austin, Texas, and volunteered to help create video content for the Men’s and Youth Ministry departments, allowing him to learn a different genre of technology, and stretch his creative muscles.

Eventually, Jenna moved back to Texas, and was impressed with Anthony’s success with the 48 Hour Film Project, having won Best Film four years running, and these two siblings realized that their P+R Productions Anthony Jackson and Jenna Jackson on DIFF red carpetunique talents and passions should be yolked together to create a full service film production company taking clients through every step of the creative process — from brainstorming the best idea to a finished product  connecting clients to their audience. In true big-sister fashion, Jenna formed the company before Anthony had a chance to say no!  Today, P+R Productions offers many services to corporate and non-profit clients of all kinds.

In the realm of feature-length films, P+R Productions captured the quirky and heart-felt story behind the Jacksonville, Texas Mayoral race in Tomato Republic.  Another important project:  P+R Productions began a five-year journey documenting the Hannah Overton story, in the heart-wrenching documentary Until Proven Innocent, which aired on Discovery ID Network in 2017.  Additionally, P+R Productions was involved with the production of “Friday’s Child”, P+R Productions Until Proven Innocentmaking its World Premier at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas, March 2018.  They also served as Executive Producers, and provided crew support and special effects for the film “The Vessel.”

Currently P+R Productions is  in discussions with Big Wolf…creator of Law and Order, for a new crime-based project…..can’t wait to hear all about that, y’all!!!

Y’all…the Curious Cowgirl is as much a friend as I am a fan of Jenna Jackson and Anthony Jackson.  I have spent the past four years getting to know them, and their team, and I can absolutely state that I have never enjoyed working with a group of people more, who clearly see their God-inspired purpose as passionate story-tellers of the real and the important and the authentic.  Shoot…Jenna agreed to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with me and Tanya Foster….clearly we are bonded for life!

I’m looking forward to the next chapter of P+R Productions!!!!

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P+R Productions Jenna Jackson and The Curious Cowgirl

Jenna Jackson and The Curious Cowgirl in our totally cool custom sky-diving jumpsuits!