Hi friends!  So, the past few days I have been a little under the weather, and thusly, relegated to my home, I’ve been taking in more TV than I typically do.  Early Saturday morning, I decided to watch the public TV channel, locally KERA, and was completely mesmerized by three programs, which inspired me to do a little on-line research.  Today, I want to share with you some Quirky Texas Travel as inspired by Texas Parks and Wildlife, The DayTripper, and Great Scenic Railway Journeys.

Now, normally I don’t Blog about Travel that I have not actually experienced.  Rest assured, all three programs have completely inspired me to travel more in the Great State of Texas….it’s a whole other country, y’all.  And when I do, I’ll absolutely report back on what I discover.

But, y’all know me well, and I am always super interested in the quirky and unique, so let’s explore the possibilities together!


Quirky Texas:  Texas Parks and Wildlife

Quirky Texas Kids exploring a stream

Photo Credit: Texas Parks and Wildlife


The Mission of Texas Parks and Wildlife is “to manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas and to provide hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.”  It’s roots dating back to 1895 the Texas State legislature placed authority for managing fish and wildlife resources in all Texas counties with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department when it passed the Wildlife Conservation Act in 1983.


Quirky Texas Legend of Boggy Creek Poster


The web site is FULL of amazing resources for Parks, Hunting, Fishing, Boating, Activities, and Wildlife.  While surfing around, in the Park Events section, I found Quirky Texas GOLD!  On September 28-30 The Daingerfield State Park is hosting “The Search for Bigfoot”.  All the details can be found here, but let me give you a few teasers:  screen the film “The Legend of Boggy Creek”, scavenger hunt, hikes, and a dance!  I mean….talk about packing a whole ton of Quirky Texas fun into one weekend.  LOVE!


Quirky Texas:  The DayTripper

Quirky Texas Concho River


Per the DayTripper Website, Host Chet Garner claims “Exploring Texas ain’t no small vacation – it’s a lifetime endeavor. But it’s one that I plan on taking a lifetime to complete. Born and raised beneath the Lone Star Sky, my passion for Texas is as big as the state is wide. And whether it’s diving to the bottom of a swimming hole, reading every historic marker, or devouring every plate of cheese enchiladas I can get my hands on, my mission is to explore this state and share those experiences with you. You’ll soon learn (just as we have) that life-altering vacations and Texas-sized adventures are often much closer than we realize. Often just a day trip away.”

He’s really corny and funny, and the episode I watched highlighted San Angelo.  The web site has oodles of fantastic day trip guides, pod casts, a Blog (which I subscribed to…)….and a store.  And y’all know how much I LOVE Texas gear...I for sure need a shirt with a Jackalope STAT!  Quirky Texas to the core, y’all!


Quirky Texas:  Great Scenic Railways Journeys

Quirky Texas Historic Texas Railroad

Photo Credit: Roy Luck Via Flickr


Great Scenic Railway Journeys is an Emmy Award Winning Public Television series that profiles some of the worlds most historic and scenic tourist railways.  I happened to catch an episode featuring the Texas State Railroad.

Per their website, “the casual grace of train travel never goes out of style. From the moment one steps aboard a vintage 1920’s car, the excitement of being on the rails is exhilarating. This four-hour train adventure, with an hour layover either at the Rusk or Palestine depot, takes passengers on a journey through the impressive Piney Woods and 135 years of history. Celebrated steam or vintage diesel locomotives are the muscle that pulls the consist of cars representing a bygone form of notable travel … and our horsepower won’t give you saddle sores.”

What’s so Quirky Texas about that, you might ask?  The Living History, y’all…what would you do if you suddenly came face-to-face with a Train Robber?  Or what if The Lone Ranger himself posed for an on-board selfie with you?  I’d be ALL ABOUT THAT!


Quirky Texas Lilly Pond

Photo Credit: Texas Parks and Wildlife


Looks like I’ve got some Texas traveling to do, y’all!  Giddy Up!!!

Lead image photo credit:  Free-ers