Dear all my readers…today is about Texas.  All about Texas.  It’s a big state.  It’s an awesome state.  Swimming pools look cool when made into the shape of Texas.  And today, I’m doing a Texas Round Up of past posts.  (Sorry all my non-Texas readers…we will return to our regularly scheduled programming soon!)


Texas Round Up:  Shopping!

Texas Round Up Bishop Arts

Bishop Arts, Dallas


In this post, I shared with you my love of the Bishop Arts District in Dallas’ Oak Cliff.  I got a LOT of reaction from readers, who love this neighborhood as much as I do, but also lament the redevelopment that is going on now.  Regardless of which side of the debate you fall into, I think we can all agree that the local shops and restaurants there are fantastic!


Texas Round Up Whiski Designs


Speaking of great shop local opportunities in Dallas, in this collaborative post I featured the AMAZING Whiski Designs.  Totally creative, whimsical, fun, funny and unique graphic designs, found primarily at the Dallas Farmer’s Market, but can also be purchased by the public and to the trade on the Whiski Designs website.


Texas Round Up Vintage Cowboy Boots

Dolly Python, Dallas


Feeling like you need some vintage cowboy boots?  In this post I shared with you my FAVORITE source for men’s and women’s boots….plus some of the coolest and funkiest home decor and vintage clothes in Dallas….love Dolly Python!


Texas Round Up:  Dining!

Texas Round Up Pie Emporium

Emporium Pies, Dallas


In my post about Bishop Arts, I mentioned Emporium Pies….I’m not kidding y’all….totally amazing seasonal flavors that will leave your taste buds thanking you!


Texas Round Up Latte and Muffin

Texas French Bread, Austin


And, while you are in Austin, be sure and stop by Texas French Bread Bakery and Bistro!  Super yummy coffee shop, with freshly baked goodies to start your day off right!


Texas Round Up Neiman Marcus Popover

Neiman Marcus Zodiac Room, Dallas


For you fancy folk, there is nothing more iconically Dallas than enjoying a meal in the Neiman Marcus Zodiac Room.  Did you know that the original Neiman Marcus is in downtown Dallas?  These popovers are a-mazing!


Texas Round Up:  Entertainment!

Texas Round Up Dallas Contemporary

Dallas Contemporary


It’s hot in Texas in the summer y’all, I’m not gonna lie.  So, get yourself into the air-conditioning of the Dallas Contemporary, and enjoy free exhibits of contemporary artists!


Texas Round Up Deep Ellum Wall Mural

Whiski Designs Wall Mural, Deep Ellum, Dallas


For all y’all looking for that perfect Instagram background….look no further that Dallas’ Deep Ellum.  There’s several GREAT graffiti walls for your perfect shot, and the neighborhood has many edgy and fun restaurants, bars and shops!


Texas Round Up Tomato Republic Documentary Film


After all that shopping and eating, you might need to kick back and enjoy some great films about Texas!  My favorite documentary is Tomato Republic, and I introduced you to the AMAZING folks at P+R Productions who created this hysterical doc about their own East Texas home town!


Finally, I conclude this tiny Texas Round Up tribute, with a bit-o-history about our awesome state song.  According to Texas State Historical Association’s website, “TEXAS, OUR TEXAS.” The state song of Texas was adopted by the Forty-first Legislature after a statewide contest in 1929. The music was originally written in 1924 by William J. Marsh of Fort Worth, and the lyrics were written by Marsh and Gladys Yoakum Wright. Alaska’s statehood in 1959 necessitated the only change that has been made in the lyrics—modifying the line “largest and grandest” to “boldest and grandest.” The Seventy-third Legislature again adopted “Texas, Our Texas” as the state song in a 1993 law.”

ALLLLLL together now…”Texas Our Texas…all hail the Mighty State…….”!