Y’all…I truly can’t thank you enough for the overwhelmingly positive and supportive response my Curious Cowgirl Blog has received.  Hardly a day passes that I don’t run into someone, or receive an email or text from readers who are truly enjoying the information I am sharing.  Makes my heart so happy!!!!  A question I often get is….what is on your travel agenda for 2018?  Well, you can bet your boots I have some awesome 2018 Travel Plans…..!



So, between the two of us, Will and I have four awesome kids.  Two are currently in college, and #3, and the only girl, is graduating from high school in May, so we are planning a FABULOUS trip with all four kids to Rome, Italy.  None of them have been, and Rome is one of our very favorite cities in the world, and Will and I have spent significant time there. We are truly looking forward to showing our kids the Eternal City.  We have rented an amazing apartment we found on VRBO very close to Travel Plans Rome Italy Turtle Fountainthe

Jewish Ghetto, looking down on my absolute favorite fountain in all of Rome, the Fontana delle Tartarughe (The Turtle Fountain) in the Piazza Mattei.  I have taken my personal two children to both London and Paris, and have learned that kids need more downtime that Will and I do.  I will plan one big site in the morning, and one big site in the afternoon, and leave the rest of the day unstructured so the kids don’t get totally worn out, and also have the freedom to give input about what they want to see.  I shared a must-see with kids in this post.  I will be hiring a private guide for the Vatican Museum, the Forum, and the Colosseum.  The kids will get so much more out of the experience with a good guide, and I know that June will be a crowded month, and guides always know the ins and outs of sites, so that you can get around the large tour groups and maximize your time.   I can’t hardly wait to share all the details of the 2018 Travel Plans Rome style with y’all.



As I am sure you learned in my post about the Winter Antiques Show, Will and I are avid collectors, Travel Plans Flea Marketand one of our favorite reasons to travel is to attend an antique show.  One show we have never experienced is Barn Star’s Antiques at Rhinebeck.  They host two antique shows each year, and we plan to attend the second show in October.  There’s a good chance the leaves will be starting to turn (bonus!) and we have several friends who are dealers at the show, like Josh Lowenfels whom I introduced you to in this post, Judith Milne who always has wonderful things, our darling friend Susan Wechsler at South Road Art & Antiques, Janet West, and many others , so it’s always a lot of fun to be with all of them, and 2018 Travel Plans would not be complete with out a good antique show!



My personal child #1 is currently a junior at the University of Texas (Hook ‘Em).  And, since personal child #1 is also a boy, I don’t get the juicy and lengthy phone updates that I enjoy with my daughter (parents of boys, ya’ feel me?).  The best way to extract information is a face-to-face visit, and while he is my numero uno reason to visit Austin, the capital of the Great State of Texas is a super fun destination all on its own.  There’s a reason the unofficial motto is:  Keep Austin Weird.  Austin has a Travel Plans Texas French Breadtrue funky quality, and the epicenter of funk is South Congress.  Tons of vintage shops, and cool stores, food trucks, and mid-century motels, I love to find time to stroll this eclectic area!  I recently discovered a fantastic coffee shop and bistro in the West Campus area (while waiting on my son to wake up from what may or may not have been a big night of partying).  It’s called Texas French Bread, and I highly recommend a late breakfast, or even just a good cappuccino there!  I typically stay at the Hotel Ella, which is a beautiful old home, renovated into a hotel, and will treat my baby boy to some of the best BBQ in Austin at Freedman’s, while sipping the most delicious cocktail, The Smokin’ Cactus.  A 2018 Travel Plans yee haw!


OK y’all….this is a HUGE bucket list item for me!  For years, I have followed various Instagram pages, showcasing the gorgeous settings for Christmas Markets all over Europe. I am a NUT about Christmas, and the idea of strolling through beautiful European cities, covered in a dusting of snow, and glittering with a thousand Christmas lights….leaves me on the verge of a good swoon!  BUT….here’s where I need YOUR help!  There’s a LOT of markets….and I want to know from folks who have actually been, the do’s and don’ts.  The yes go see, and the don’t bother.  Because let’s face it….Instagram is inspirational…..but some real suggestions from real people might be a more reliable source!!!  Please comment below with your best Christmas Market tips!!!  Thanks so much y’all, for helping with the Big Kahoona of my 2018 Travel Plans!!!!!

Travel Plans Christmas Market