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New York is always a good idea!  But, it’s an even better idea during the Holidays!  I have visited NYC in every season, every temperature, and every scenario, and I learn something new every single time that makes the next trip so much better!  Today, I’m sharing with Y’all 5 Things to Know Before Visiting NYC for the First Time.


Learning Opportunity #1

Feet, Subway, and Taxi all Have Their Value


Green metal railing of the NYC Subway Entrance


For the first few years of my travel to NYC, I only used taxis.  I don’t know if I was intimidated by the Subway, but I definitely did not know how to use the Subway. I for sure spent a whole lot of money riding in taxis.

Today, I still use taxis, but my primary transportation is the Subway.  It’s fast, it’s cheap, and there’s no better people watching anywhere!  If you are unsure how the Subway works, here’s a post to help you learn the ropes!  I also walk…a lot!  There’s no better way to really get to know a city than to walk its streets.  Plus, I can eat bagels and cream cheese every morning with no worries at all!


Learning Opportunity #2

Good Food is Never Hard to Find

First EAT Exterior


When I first started traveling to NYC, I tended to eat at the same restaurants every time.  They were familiar, and I was still learning the city.  Today, I for sure have my favorites, but I always make space to try at least one or two new restaurants.

I keep LONG lists of spots recommended to me by friends, fellow Travel Bloggers, friends who live in NYC.  Meal time is an adventure, and the more new spots I try, the more recommendations I can bring to YOU!  Speaking of which, I have a NYC Restaurant Guide for sale, with over 30 restaurant, bar and bakery suggestions.  Excellent resource, friends!


Learning Opportunity #3

Rain, Sleet and Snow


Elizabeth Ann Meier and The Curious Cowgirl wearing sunglasses


The first time I experienced Winter in NYC, I was terribly unprepared.  My husband almost forced me to get a hat (didn’t want to mess up my hairs), and probably saved by ears from frost bite.  After many years, I have three different pair of cold weather boots….and I take all three pair with me to NYC, because cold or wet feet will RUIN an otherwise wonderful trip!

Summer in NYC is hot….and I’m a Texan, so I don’t throw around that word lightly!  It’s hot….and often really muggy.  I highly encourage cotton clothing, or moisture wicking clothing in summer!  Synthetic fabrics will leave you a dripping sweaty mess.  Been there, done that!

My final bit of fashion advice….comfortable shoes.  At all times.  Most visitors underestimate the amount of walking they will do in New York, and there’s nothing worse that developing a blister on the first day, that makes all subsequent days a foot nightmare.  Set fashion and vanity aside, and wear your most comfy, most broken-in footware!


Learning Opportunity #4

Christmas really is SPECTACULAR!

First Rockefeller Christmas Tree


My first trip to NYC during Christmas was with my husband.  There is almost no way to convey how magical NYC is during the Holidays.  I love every single part of it!

I love to watch the ice skating, I love to drink hot chocolate while watching the ice skating, I love to drink hot chocolate while humming Christmas tunes while watching the ice skating….I want to see every single Christmas tree. The Medieval Tree at the MET, the Rockefeller Tree, the trees in every high rise lobby, the tree in Washington Square Park, the tree you can see through the windows of the brownstones along Madison Avenue….every single bit of Christmas in NYC is awesome!  I

took my kids when they were in middle school, which I wrote about in this post, and we made memories together that will last forever!  If you are taking kids, you need my NYC At Christmas with Kids Guide!!  Click here!


Learning Opportunity #5

Some of the best Experiences Happen when you Least Expect Them

First Allan Katz with Cigar Store Indian


My whole life I have enjoyed collecting.  Furniture, clothes, jewelry….I have always loved the thrill of the hunt.

But, my first real art and antique show experience happened at what used to be known as the Metro Show in NYC.  It was there that my husband and I first met Penny and Allan Katz, who have become some of our dearest friends.  I profiled Allan in this post.

At the “old Armory Show,” Will and I met Joshua Lowenfels.  He is the most wonderful person ever, and I cannot imagine a world where Josh is not my friend.  Same with Steven Powers, whom I profiled.  Same with Paula Rubenstein who owns my favorite antique shop in the world, on Chrystie St.

I guess the moral of the story is First Impressions are simply that.  A First.  My husband and I choose to go back to NYC several times a year, because each trip teaches us something new, brings new friends into our loves, strengthens existing friendships, and enriches our lives profoundly.

Now….when is your next trip to NYC???


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