No matter where you live in the United States, a lot of folks are thinking about Spring Break Destinations for Families!  March is Spring Break time!  I’m an Empty Nester, but I still look forward to Spring Break, in case one of my kids wants to hang out at home.  Or, better yet, take a trip with me!

And, if you aren’t planning Spring Break Trips anymore, the now is still a good time to begin planning for a Spring Getaway.  Don’t we all need that??!!!


Spring Break Destinations for Families


Regardless of whether you are planning a Spring Break Trip in the United States, Europe, or simply your own home-town, a little planning goes a long way in ensuring a fun time will be had by all.  So let’s dive into some details you ought to consider no matter where you are headed for Spring Break, or a Spring Getaway!



How to Prepare for Spring Break in Italy


a large marble statue of a man called Marforio lounging in a Roman Fountain in the Capitoline Museum


Planning a trip to Italy for Spring Break?  NICE!  Italy is wonderful any time, that’s for sure!  March can be a crowded month, because so many Americans are traveling, so you absolutely need to have a game plan!

Pre-Planned Itineraries


  • If you already have an itinerary planned, but are looking for a Private Guide, I’ve got you covered.  I described Rome Guide Services in this post, and you can email them to get a quote at RGSCCReferral@gmail.com.  Best in Rome, I can assure you!


  • And, I have written over 25 Posts on touring Rome….here’s a “summary post” that will get you started in discovering all my tips and information.


How to Prepare for Spring Break in Paris


a very ornate gold and painted Baroque Ceiling in Musee d'Orsay restaurant Paris during Spring Break


Pre-Planned Itineraries



  • And, I also have a guide for learning to use the Paris Metro, which is the BEST way to quickly move around Paris.  Click here to get your copy.


  • I’ve also written a number of posts about visiting Paris. Click here for a Guide to the Les Puces Flea Market and click here if you want to check out some of Paris’ famous Passages.



General Tips on How to

Prepare for Spring Break in Europe


a woman with red hair, seen from behind in front of a restaurant with a red awning in Marais District Paris


No matter the city, if you are headed to Europe for Spring Break, there’s several to-do’s you MUST take care of before you leave!

I’ve written a FREE Guide and Checklist, to help make sure you’ve crossed all your t’s and dotted all your i’s.  Click on the image below to get your FREE Guide and Checklist for a trip to Europe.


International Travel Planning Guide and Check List


How to Prepare for Spring Break in the Good Ol’ USA


The front of the red brick Meadows Museum Dallas Texas under a bright blue sky


Ready for a vacation, but just not overseas?  Some of the best Spring Break Destinations for Families are right here at home!  There’s SO many great things to do in the USA.

Road-Trip Warriors

  • Regardless of where you are going, if a road trip is part of your plan, I highly recommend you check out the app Roadtripper. My brother took his family of 5 on a road trip across the country, and planned out the whole thing using this great app.  It’s populated with real fellow road-trippers tips, recommendations and insights on everything from hotels/motels, restaurants, and points of interest.  I wrote about my brother’s trip in this post, giving you a good idea of how to use the Roadtripper App.


  • Even braver…if you are renting an RV for a cross-country jaunt, my cousin and her hubby took their three kids on an EPIC RV Trip, and she dished on all the good, the bad, and the ugly in this blog post.



How to Prepare for Spring Break in Your Own Backyard


Home Town Tourists during Spring Break walking down a street with cameras


Spring Break Destinations for Families that look more like sleeping late, cleaning out some closets, and seeing the sites in your own backyard, I think that sounds pretty dreamy!  In this post, I wrote about how you can be a tourist in your own hometown.  Think about how many sites you haven’t seen where you live.  How many restaurants have you been wanting to try?  Take advantage of the time to see your own city!


Happy Spring….wherever you are headed!!!!


And by the way….Let me know where you are headed in the comments below….I might want to meet you there!



Teenagers on Spring Break in a Museum in Rome with Text Overlay


a woman in a blue dress with text overlay





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