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Let’s face it.  There’s never enough time for vacations.  A week here, a week there…maybe a long weekend sprinkled throughout.  But, it’s for sure, all of us could use a few more vacations!  But how?  Today, I’m offering 5 Ways to be Tourist in Your Home Town.  A Vacation right in your own back yard!


5 Ways to be a Tourist in Your Home Town

Tip #1:  Find a Museum and Spend an Hour There

Home Town Meadows Museum Facade


I don’t care if you live in NYC, or the tiniest town in America….there’s a museum nearby that you have never seen.  Recently, I wrote about a Salvador Dali Exhibit at the Meadows Museum of Art….which is literally half a mile from my home, and has been open in its current space since 1998….1998 y’all…and I had never darkened the door before my recent visit in October 2018.  I know that some of you are not “museum people” and that’s OK.  Still go.

First of all, you are doing something new, which is never a bad idea.  Second, you might actually enjoy yourself.  It’s for sure you will see some things you never ever see in your daily life, and that’s so good for your soul!  Expand your mind a little.  Who knows….you might have so much fun, you will want to become a member of that museum, or even plan to see another one!


Tip #2:  Walk Through an Historic Neighborhood

Home Town Historic Deerfield Home


When traveling, I love to drive or walk through historic neighborhoods.  It’s fun to imagine what the city looked like when it was first settled.  An added plus to this activity would be to do a little on-line research about the area.  Even local libraries can be an excellent source of historic information about a particular neighborhood.  You might even find a Historical Society that has information on-line….or an actual person you could talk to about the history.  Bonus points if you can arrange a walk with a local historian!!!  After your walk, you will probably be hungry, which brings us to the next tip.


Tip #3:  Eat in a New Restaurant


Home Town Sassetta glass of wine


Probably the easiest activity to accomplish, but how many of you find yourselves eating at the same restaurants over and over again?  Yeah…me too!  But lately, with three kids in college, and a Senior at home who really does not want to be eating with me and my husband on a regular basis, we have started making an effort to try one new restaurant a weekend.  A new favorite for us in Dallas is Sassetta….it’s in the Dallas Design District, which I wrote about in this post and this post, and it’s a chic restaurant with excellent indoor or outdoor seating.  I highly recommend!


Tip #4:  Take in a Play or Musical

Home Town Kessler Theater


It’s almost a given that when visiting NYC, tourists make time to see a musical or a play.  And why not?  NYC is the cultural center of the world!!!  But what about your home town?  Again, regardless of the size city or town you live in, there’s going to be a live theater performance somewhere nearby!  Be a tourist and go see something!!!!  There’s just nothing like live theater, and in this age of digital entertainment, I worry that we are all losing touch with the ability to appreciate live performances.

I also feel strongly about supporting local artists!  My husband and I recently attended a concert  at The Kessler Theater, and neither of us had been to this cool old theater-turned-concert hall.  And, this year, I joined a group of friends for a series of Dallas Theater Center plays.  The first play we attended was “Steel Magnolias” which of course we all know from the 1990’s movie….but seeing it on stage was a completely different experiences.  The actors interpreted the characters differently than the movie, there was only one set the entire play, and I saw a familiar story in a entirely different way.  Well worth my time!


Tip #5:  Do An Overnighter

Home Town Belmont Hotel Dallas

PC: Belmont Hotel


My final suggestion is find a cool hotel, and book a night there!  I don’t know what it is, but just simply being in a hotel can make you feel like you are in a totally different city.  New views, new sounds, new surroundings.  An overnight out of your home dials in all those great vacation “feels.”  In Dallas, I’m dying to stay at The Belmont Hotel.  Built in 1946, this hotel has a very cool midcentury vibe that I love….plus killer views of the Dallas skyline!

I hope these suggestions are helpful!  In the comments below, share with me you favorite “staycation” activities!

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