May is all about the graduates!  And many of us are looking for unique and meaningful gifts!  What are the best high school graduation gifts?  Well, of course I think anything travel related is perfect.  After all, the world is their oyster.  Where they go, what they see and experience will have so much influence on the adults they become.  So, let’s encourage travel!

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Best High School Graduation Gifts

Graphic with Suitcases


In the past 5 years, I’ve had 4 children graduate from high school.  Gifts are always so appreciated, and I have seen every gift under the sun!  And, believe it or not, I still have gifts that were given to me when I graduated from high school.  Either those gifts were particularly awesome, or I’m a pack rat.  Either thing could be true.

But as a parent, I just so firmly believe that every moment is an opportunity to drop a truth bomb on our kids.  Surely something will sink in, right????  One truth bomb I hope they internalize is the value of travel.  I don’t think there’s a person alive who has not been changed in some way by travel.  Travel has certainly radically changed my life!  So if high school  graduation is an opportunity to dish out some more truth, the best high school graduation gifts I could give should be travel related.  Here’s some ideas:


Give a Travel Journal

3 Revival Journals


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been talking about Revival Journals quite a bit lately.  This is not a Sponsored relationship, I just think their whole message is AWESOME!  I met them at a local flea market.  Take a minute to read about their story.  It’s all about Eternal Rescue and Redemption.  Pretty powerful high school graduation messages!  Why are they my pick for one of the best graduation gifts?  You can send them your own books, and they will turn them into a journal!  Think about that!  A favorite book your graduate enjoyed as a child.  Or, a book that many kids enjoy when they are little, turned into a journal to capture the next moments of their life?  Goosebumps y’all!  A “where I’ve been” and inspiration for “where I dream of going” wrapped into one awesome gift!  Click here for instructions on this excellent journal idea from Revival Journals.


Give a Suitcase

Three pink wheeler suitcases



I really can’t think of a better graduation gift to encourage travel than a new suitcase.  Spinner suit cases with wheels are a total must.  Carry-on size…medium sizes…and large suitcases.  We all need each size at one time or another.  And, not only do suitcases say, “hey….get out there are see the world.”  They can also say, “come home some too.”  Sob.  The image above showcases a highly reviewed brand on Amazon, and here are some other options:  Click here, and click here, and click here for a rolling duffle bag, which is also a great gift.


Toiletry Bags for Him and Toiletry Bags for Her

Brown Canvas Toiletry Bag

Black Make Up Bag


There’s so many options for toiletry and make up bags, but I think these are among some of the best high school graduation gifts!  I’ve shown you two options, one for guys and one for girls.  Here’s a few more to consider:  toiletry bag for guys, and another one that hangs.  Here’s a cute make-up bag and here’s another hanging toiletry bag option.


Plan a Trip Together

Kids and parents in the Roman Forum


More than any THING you could give a graduate, the best gift, in my humble opinion, is the gift of travel.  Near or far does not matter.  My husband and I have have taken our kids on trips following their graduations, and without trying to sound too much like a sappy greeting card, we all had a wonderful time!  We made memories.  We laughed a lot.  And, we learned a lot about our kids.  The best high school graduation gifts?  Trips.  If I can help you plan one, please don’t hesitate to reach out!!!!