Over the years, I’ve written several Blog Posts on the Best Travel Accessories.  However, each post was themed according to a certain person:  men, women, older travelers, etc.  Rather than asking my readers to surf through lots of different Travel Gear Posts, I thought a comprehensive and complete list would be most helpful to y’all.  Bookmark this one!  It will be your go-to resource for the best travel accessories, no matter who is traveling, or what the occasion.


Best Travel Accessories


Gone are the days when we can whimsically plan a trip, lolly gag our way to the airport, and pass through security without a care in the world.  These days we have have to arrive hours ahead of our flight.  Stand in long TSA lines.  Get screened 800 different ways.  Carefully plan out what we bring on the plane.  Carefully arrange what we will need on a flight, whether it’s toiletries, work-related items, or simple entertainment.

We have to hydrate.  We have to prevent the spread of germs.  We have to maintain good circulation.  We have to get along with our fellow travelers, who are as at-their-wits-end as we are.

Travel is a gift, but honestly.  It’s also exhausting!  Thank goodness there’s hundreds of fabulous travel accessories, designed to ease the stress and difficulty of travel.

And, let me just say this.  I an NOT a gotta-have-the-latest -travel-gizmo kind of gal.  Not at all.  Even as much as I travel, in many cases, I am the last to come to the Travel Accessories Party.  I’m a little bit of sceptic.  And I’m kind of cheap.  So I never try out a piece of travel gear, until I’m at the place where I just can’t stand the pain anymore.  My point is, I will never recommend anything that I have not personally tried, and found to be really helpful or useful.

Having said all that, I do have a Complete List of what I consider to be the Best Travel Accessories.  And, I will add to this list as I discover new travel gadgets that are truly helpful.  I will link to each product in Amazon if you decide you need one or two of these Travel Accessories for yourself, or for someone else.

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Best Travel Accessories for Europe


I’m starting with Europe, because long-haul flights are the hardest.  And, once overseas, there are many accessories that help navigating a foreign European country.

Passport Holder:  Passport Holders are handy, because most have capacity for not only a passport, but also credit cards and cash.  I like the idea of consolidating several accessories into one multi-purpose accessory.  There are three options below, priced from low to medium to high.



Electric Converters:  Must-haves for Europe.  As I discussed in this post, you should have several, so you can plug in all your devices at one time if you need to.



A Separate Coin Purse:  Here’s why.  It’s astounding how much change you will accumulate while in Europe.  Probably because the EU does not have $1 dollar bills.  They use coins.  So, change is often given totally in coins.  And nothing is worse than waiting on a tourist to pay for something, while they try to separate out US coins from their Euro coins.  Have a separate coin purse, and speedy payment is 100 times easier!  Here’s some fun choices:



Cashmere Pants:  With a long-haul overnight flight in mind, I love to dress very comfortably so I can get a little sleep.  I love a comfy cashmere pant for travel.  I’ve included a few choices for men and women.




Best Travel Accessories for Men


Hanging Toiletry Organizer:  Sometimes hotels have very little counter space, and a hanging toiletry organizer is a space saver…and a game changer.  Plus, those things get nasty after a few years.  Live large.  Get a new clean one!



Electronics Organizer:  Men and Women travel with all kinds of gizmos for our electronics. From cables, pens, brushes and tools, to SD cards, SIM cards or other small items.   Chargers,  or a mouse, or power adapters.



Best Travel Accessories for Women


Makeup Organizer:  In the category of true confessions, until very recently, while traveling, I dumped out all my makeup out of a 15 year old zippered bag onto a towel, in the sink.  I’m not proud.  Thank goodness for make up organizers that keep everything secure and easy to use.  No more dumping in the sink for me.




Travel Organizer Bags and Cubes:  Shoes and underwear should never touch.  Just sayin’.



Travel Gear Everyone Needs


Spinner Suitcases:  Maybe the most important recommendation I can make is to invest in a good set of spinner suitcases.  They are a breeze to maneuver around, they don’t tip over, and they don’t trip the people walking behind you at overcrowded airports.



Noise Cancelling Headphones:  Block out crying babies, loud snorers, and enjoy better volume control for in-flight entertainment.



TSA Approved Carry-on Travel Bottles:  Gotta have ’em if you are going to carry on!



Extra Long Phone Charging Cords:  Sometimes plugs in hotels are in the hardest to reach places.  Especially bed-side.  Long charging cords are SO helpful!



Ok travel-loving friends!  Get your travel accessories ready, and let’s get out there!!!!



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