One of my very favorite past times is going to a Flea Market.  I first started going to Flea Markets when I was young, and the closest one was First Monday Trade Days, in Canton, Texas.  Since then I have visited flea markets all over the world, dragging home many many treasures.  Join me, as I show you some of my favorite Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds.

One of the aspects of flea markets I most love, is you NEVER know what you are going to find.  For me, going in with an open mind makes everything possible….and I am looking for anything that I think is cool…home decor, Christmas, art, antiques, clothing….you just NEVER know!


Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds Thriftwares Vintage Coat


Y’all…I have a significant addiction to Vintage Coats.  1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s coats…I have so many it’s kind of ridiculous, especially since I live in Texas where we enjoy coat weather about 2 days out of every year.

Regardless, the day I stumbled upon Thriftwares was a good day indeed!  In this post, I shared with you the fun of Antiques Week in NYC.  There used to be a huge flea market in one of the Pier Buildings on the West Side, and I found this incredible 1960’s coat at Thriftswares’ booth.  Great colors with original rhinestone buttons, this is truly one of my favorite Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds.


Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds Thristwares Coat and Dress


Another couple of amazing Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds are these Thriftwares beauties.  Another coat…because afore mentioned coat addiction…and also this GREAT 1960’s cocktail dress.  Some day I’ll have it altered, and wear it to some fab party.  Hey…someone have a fab party and invite me!


Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds Mid Century Tray


Another one of my best Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds came from the Brooklyn Flea Market.  In the summer there are two locations for this Flea Market.  One is in Industry City, which I wrote about in this post, and the other is in DUMBO.  I found this fantastic mid-century tray in DUMBO, and I use it in my kitchen to hold all my oils and vinegar and spices I use regularly when cooking.


Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds Vintage Christmas Decor


Dallas has some fun flea market opportunities, and each December, I like to attend the Tower Antique Show.  It’s typically held the first weekend in December, and I have found many treasures there over the years.  Last year, I walked away with a HUGE bag of Vintage Christmas decorations, which is an addiction of Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds rivaling my Vintage coat addiction.


Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds Paris Flea Market


I’ve written quite a bit about my love for Paris, and you can read more in this post, this post, and this post.  One of the all-time great flea markets of the world is Les Puces de Saint Ouen.  I cannot tell you the amazing treasures my husband and I have found there, and these French Agricultural water buckets were a SCORE!  We shipped home a whole container, and are selling each strand for $650…we are keeping a few for ourselves, naturally…but aren’t they COOL?????


Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds Chelsea Flea Market


And, a post about Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds would not be complete without including the Chelsea Flea Market.  Located in NYC on West 25th Street between Broadway and Sixth Avenue, near The Flatiron Building, Eataly, and Madison Square Park, this is a fun way to spend an hour on a Saturday morning in NYC.  I have found many quirky and unique treasures at the Chelsea Flea Market, and my buddy Ziggy has some of the coolest Vintage Clothes around.  This green top from the 1970’s just screams Christmas Party attire…am I right?

Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds Hank Williams Oil Painting


For me, the most fun flea market is in Brimfield, Massachusetts.  If you love a good treasure hunt, Brimfield has miles and miles of collectibles, antiques, and vintage clothing.  The crowning glory of Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds is this awesome oil painting of Hank Williams.  Very Francis Bacon, don’t you think?

So, dear readers….who wants to go fleaing with me?  I’m thinking a cross-country extravaganza in 2019, all in the name of more Curious Cowgirl Flea Market Finds.  Who’s in?