Doug Scott Redeem Your Ground Family Portrait


It’s 1986.  I’m a freshman at Vanderbilt University, discovering a whole new world of college life…and one of my first new friends….the wonderfully kind, funny, smart and genuinely awesome Doug Scott.  Doug grew up in Orlando with one of my new sorority sisters, and over the next four years, I shared many fun times and a whole lot of laughing with Doug.

After graduation, I returned to Texas, and Doug began his sojourn into the corporate world.  Fast forward more years than I really care to admit…and Doug popped up as a suggested Facebook friend.  And WOW y’all….I was blown away as I caught up with Doug’s life, and his amazing business and Faith venture:  Doug Scott Redeem Your Ground.


Doug Scott Redeem Your Ground with daughter

Q:  OK Doug Scott, tell me how Redeem Your Ground started.

A:  Mary, I was literally dying on the vine.  Despite a great academic pedigree and excellent work experience (if I do say so myself), I knew that I was created for more than what I was doing (sales training and consulting)…or at least something else, but I didn’t have the faith or courage to move…nor did I have a clue as to what to do. So I entered a time of intense prayer and soul-searching…like a couple of years.

I read a number of books. Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in A Thousand Years and Bob Goff’s Love Does helped me start dreaming again and showed me the importance of story in my life…God’s story…one that’s exciting and meaningful enough that my wife and daughters would want to be a part of.  The Call by Oz Guinness helped me better understand my calling and giftings.


Doug Scott Redeem Your Ground Christmas decor


I had been receiving a daily devotional by Oz Hillman. One day I received one titled Redeem Your Day…which focused on Ephesians 5:15-16 – Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.  Right then…when I wasn’t looking for it, I knew I needed to call this venture Redeem Your Ground…so I bought the domain name and off I went.


Doug Scott Redeem Your Ground Peppers and Tomatoes

Q:  So tell me more about Doug Scott Redeem Your Ground!

A:  Believing that working with families in the Atlanta area to help them create beautiful spaces to connect in would be part of this Redeem Your Ground venture, I completed the Landscape Design Program at Emory University to complement my “knack” for landscape design.  I began more intentionally “giving away” landscape design services to friends and family.

Parallel with those efforts, we developed the Redeem Your Ground brand and created our company website and family, home & garden blog.  Our hope is to evoke childhood memories (e.g., carefree summer days playing in the backyard), while inspiring hopeful dreams for their family’s future.

Doug Scott Redeem Your Ground provides design work and inspiration for outside spaces so that families and friends can spend more intentional time together, outside, free from all the distractions that modern technology offers.  We serve our clients through: Consultations / Coaching, backyard triage planning, implementation, and project management.

Also we have a Blog that offers great information and tips on everything from planning a garden, to urban chicken farming, bee-keeping, to outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy.

Doug Scott Redeem Your Ground Eggs

Q:  So, Doug Scott Redeem Your Ground is a somewhat untraditional landscape and design company.

A:  Absolutely!  Just like we did with our own 1960’s home that was literally covered in vines and in need of serious time and attention and redemption, we find that all our clients have a similar need to redeem their own ground in some way.  It’s a blessing to be an integral part of that process!


OK y’all….how awesome is that?  I’m so proud of my college friend (I had great friends at Vanderbilt), and hope you feel inspired by Doug Scott Redeem Your Ground to seek ways to redeem your own ground!!!!  Please subscribe to his wonderful Blog, and if you are in the Atlanta area….invite Doug over for a cold glass of sweet tea, and see what dreams you can dream AND achieve in your OWN back yard, with the help of  Doug Scott Redeem Your Ground!!!!

Doug Scott Redeem Your Ground blueberries

Photo Credit:  Redeem Your Ground