Interior of a Paris Restaurant

Embarrassing, But True.  My Travel Habits might seem odd to some, and perfectly normal to others.  Regardless, I’m revealing all my secrets today!


5 Embarrassing Travel Habits

I’ve had the opportunity recently to speak to two different groups about my journey as a Travel Blogger, and what it involves.  I love the opportunity to speak, and am always amazed by the varieties of questions. Two questions I always get asked:  What is your favorite restaurant in Paris, and how did you get started as a Travel Blogger.

The answer to the question about my favorite restaurant in Paris can be found by clicking here.  How I got started as a Travel Blogger…might be embarrassing, but my travel habits began a long time ago.


The Curious Cowgirl in 1985


When I was 17, my parents took me and my brother on an extended trip to Europe.  Before we left, my mother gave me a cloth bound journal, and encouraged me to spend a few minutes every night documenting the activities of the day.  I wrote about that trip in this post.  I’m sure my parents hoped I’d document the museums we visited, the sites, the restaurants.  And, I did do a little of that.  But mainly, I wrote about all the cute boys I saw during our travels.  Embarrassing.


Travel Journal full of text


But, one of my travel habits began on this journey. Now, I always document my travels.  I have several travel journals in my bookcase.  And today I have a Travel Blog.  Ain’t technology a marvelous thing?!


The Curious Cowgirl making notes on a street in Rome


Ready for my second embarrassing travel habit?  Creating detailed itineraries.  I’ve done it for years.  Regardless of whether or not I had specific travel plans, I created itineraries.  Especially when my kids were young, and I had neither the time nor the money to travel, I’d still put together itineraries.


Teenagers looking into the Roman Forum


Today, I still put together itineraries, both for myself and for clients.  If you’d like my personalized help in creating an itinerary for your next trip to Rome, Paris, or NYC, curated just for you, I’d love to!  Please let me know what you are looking for, by clicking here.

More interested in already written guides?  Fantastic!  I have several wonderful itineraries for purchase.  Click here for my itineraries for Rome, and click here for my itineraries for Paris, and click here for my itineraries for New York City.


Notre Dame Facade


A third travel habit I have, that I never had before starting this travel Blog:  I experience every trip, big or small, out of both sides of my brain.  One side enjoys letting each travel experience wash over me, with no agenda, no planning.  Just simple enjoyment of my own personal travel journey.


The Curious Cowgirl taking a picture in The Dallas Contemporary


But, the other side of brain, has formed its own fourth travel habit.  I now take in every travel experience, categorize, analyze it, and think about how I can bring back every bit of information to you, my readers.  A travel habit:  I take ten times more pictures than I used to.  My fifth travel habit:  I drag around a pile of legal pads, full of notes for upcoming Blog posts.  Finally, a travel habit:  I start my day as early as possible, and never stop until my feet are positively aching.  I know I can’t see everything, but I’m sure going to try!


Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones


My final embarrassing travel habit confession:  I ALWAYS forget something for the plane ride.  Always.  It’s ridiculous.  One trip I’ll forget my needlepoint, which you know how much I enjoy from this post.  Another trip, I’ll forget to bring my favorite noise cancelling headphones.

Travel check-lists are very helpful for not forgetting anything.  I’ve created a checklist for all the things you need to do before traveling to Europe.  There’s a million tasks to remember and consider, and taking a page from my own…travel journal (ha ha)…a check list is a GREAT resource.  It’s free….just click here to get your own copy!

Whew.  OK.  Maybe not crazy embarrassing travel habits, but still…what say we just keep this between us.  OK?

xoxo, y’all!