Hi gang!  Today I’m looking for some good solid feedback from y’all!  I can’t tell you how important is is to me that I know what you are interested in learning, where you are are interested in traveling, and how I can better bring you content that will make your travel experiences extraordinary!

Please….take a minute to answer some or all of these travel questions in the comment section at the end.  Your feedback really matters to me!


Feedback Rome, Paris or NYC


That’s a hard question for me to answer, for sure!  Each city has its own charms, its own flavor, its own style.  I have written a great deal about each of these cities….and will certainly continue to do so….but knowing, if you HAD to choose…which one and why?  The why is the meat of your answer.  Please let me know in the comments below!



Feedback Rome


If I had to pick just one city…it would be Rome.  When I first started my Blog, I shared with you some of the reasons this city has been important to me.  You can read that Blog post by clicking here.    My first Travel Guides were for Rome…..one, two, and three days in the Eternal City….organized and ready to be downloaded for your next trip.  Click here to purchase.


Feedback Flea Markets and Antique Shows


I have learned that y’all really like info on Flea Markets, Antique Shows, and Antique Dealers.  But I’ve also learned that many of you are unsure how to navigate a Flea Market or Antique show….so here’s the feedback I need from you.  What is most intimidating about an Antique Show?  If you were to travel to a Flea Market, what information would be vital for you to know before going?  OR….for you seasoned Flea Market and Antique Show readers…..what do you WISH someone had told you before going for the first time?  I’m REALLY interested in a deep dive on these questions, y’all!  Thank you ahead of time for commenting with your answers!!!


Feedback best meal in Paris


OK…this is a SUPER selfish question!  My husband and I are taking our parents to Paris in November.  I have made almost ALL our lunch and dinner reservations…..but I have one or two tiny holes to still fill.  Any must-dine spots in Paris you want to share with me?  I’ll be writing a LOT about Paris once we return, and will also create Travel Guides for Paris, just as I have done for Rome, so be on the look-out for those!!!!


Feedback Texas


Most of my readers know I’m a Texas Gal….and Texas is a big ol’ state!  There’s miles and miles of travel opportunity right in my own back yard!  Feedback opportunity:  Where have you never been, that you’d like to go?  Or…..if you could recommend one not-to-be-missed place in Texas, what would that be?

Thank you for taking just a few minutes to give me as much feedback as you are willing to….as I wrap up Year One of The Curious Cowgirl, I am making BIG PLANS for 2019….and your feedback gives me invaluable guidance.  Appreciate y’all!!!  TRULY!


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