Y’all…there’s a whole lot to learn in the world of Travel Blogging!  Sounds kind of obvious I am sure, but for those of us who are building our Blog into a brand and a real business, attending a travel conference is a very effective way to learn the industry better!  So, I just returned from my 1st Travel Blogger Conference, and here’s a recap!

I attended TravelCon, hosted by Travel Blogger celebrity Nomadic Matt.  There were roughly 1000 attendees, representing almost every niche of the Travel Industry, from Bloggers, to Pod Casters, Photographers, Journalists….I even met several attorneys who were looking to make a career change.  Don’t blame them a bit (sorry Dad!)


TravelCon Travel Blogger Conference Key Note Speaker Oneika Raymond

Oneika Raymond at TravelCon 2018


Key Note Speakers:  TravelCon did a  GREAT job of bringing in very high profile leaders in various industries, who spoke on a wide range of topics, but mostly, obviously, Travel.  Ryan Holiday was particularly interesting to me, as his message laser focused on how make yourself heard in a crowded media environment.  Crowded is an understatement.  It seems like every third person has a successful Instagram account, or a Travel Blog that landed them a weekly appearance in a national TV show, or a You Tube channel with a ton of followers.  And it is SO EASY to get really discouraged, thinking HOW is anyone ever going to find my Blog, read my posts, engage my travel planing business?  Or simply travel better and more informed thanks to my Blog, which takes a TON of time, as I discussed in this post?  What I heard loud and clear from Ryan, as well as Oneika Raymond, who was another key-note speaker, and equally fascinating….do what you do, and do it well, and do it consistently.  It’s not a contest.  It’s a matter of quality content that travelers need.  Period.


TravelCon Travel Blogger Conference Flay Lay of Curious Cowgirl business cards and Kashi Bar


Learn from others:  At the Travel Blogger Conference, I attended about 8 one-hour classes on topics ranging from better understanding Google Analytics, to Affiliate Marketing, to building a better Tour….and I ended my three days with almost two legal pads, completely filled with notes (in the most hideous hand-writing, as my friends will appreciate).  My brain is HURTING from stuffing it full of so much new information, and I.CAN. HARDLY. WAIT. to get busy implementing what I learned.  Anyone who can fold time for me so I can get about two extra hours in the day gets free travel planning services for life….just sayin’.


TravelCon Travel Blogger Conference Email Marketing Screen


Meet the People:  I’m not a shy person at all, but I am a very focused person.  I came to TravelCon focused on learning.  But, some of the best learning I did was from other attendees I met over the three days.  I went to the Meet Ups. I attended the Happy Hours.  I introduced myself to the person on my left and on my right at meals, in sessions….wherever.  I exchanged a TON of business cards.  And I asked a LOT of questions, and then I listened.  I was there to learn….not necessarily to sell…and while I may have made some solid business connections, I really learned a lot from listening to what others are doing to grow their brand and their travel business.

My Biggest Takeaway:  I’m doing a lot right…not all the things, but many of the things.  And the one thing I’m absolutely doing right is focusing on my love of travel, my love of learning, and my love of teaching and sharing my knowledge with others.

More to come friends…The Curious Cowgirl is just getting started!


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